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Question;1. In Fierstein?s ?On Tidy Endings? who was with Collin when he died? (Points: 1) JimmyArthurMarionNo one;2. The tone of Rich?s ?Delta? is _____. (Points: 1) AdmonitoryWhimsicalAngryPassive;3. What type of images does the speaker use in Meinke?s ?Advice to My Son?? (Points: 1) RoboticGardenOceanicAnimalistic;4. What type of crop does the speaker compare to his writing in Heaney?s ?Digging?? (Points: 1) RadishesLeeksPotatoesBeets;5. In Meinke?s ?Advice to My Son? does the speaker advise his son to pursue beauty or substance? (Points: 1) BeautySubstance;6. The tone of Heaney?s ?Digging? is _____. (Points: 1) EcstaticProudAshamedConfused;7. In Fierstein?s ?On Tidy Endings? which character carries antibodies for HIV? (Points: 1) MarionArthur ? not 100% of this oneJimmyCollin;8. What characters represent the contrast between modern society and family tradition in ?Everyday Use?? (Points: 1) Wangero and her motherHakim-a-barber and WangeroMaggie and her motherWangero and Maggie;9. In Fierstein?s ?On Tidy Endings? Collin has died of _____. (Points: 1) AIDSCancerHeart attackDrug overdose;10. What does the speaker compare to his father?s spade in Heaney?s ?Digging?? (Points: 1) His typewriterHis computerHis deskHis pen


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