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Question;Question;1.1.(TCO 1) Which of the following is the legendary;Minoan queen who gave birth to the Minotaur? (Points: 5);PasiphaeAriadneAegeusDaedalus;Question;2.2.(TCO 2) Which of the following terms refers to;the wax death masks used to create the high level of naturalism in portrait;busts? (Points;5);GrammaticusHumanitasImaginesEquites;Question;3.3.(TCO 5) Which of the following is NOT among the;strict, though unwritten, code of conduct that guided a knight? (Points: 5);Courage;in battleLoyalty;to his lord and peersGenerosity;to the poorCourtesy verging on reverence toward women;Question;4.4.(TCO 8) Which of the following tasks is NOT;among those assignments that the text specifically lists concerning;the responsibilities of Heinrich Isaac, who served as Lorenzo's private;music master? (Points;5);He taught Lorenzo's wife to play the violin.He;oversaw the five household organs.He;taught music to Lorenzo's sons.He;collaborated with Lorenzo to write songs for popular festivals.;Question;5.5.(TCO 2) Who created Jupiter and Io as;part of the set of paintings commissioned by Federico Gonzaga of Mantua? (Points: 5);Giovanni;BolognaGiorgio;VasariCorreggioMichelangelo;Question;6.6.(TCO 2) Who painted The Upper Falls of;the Reichenbach? (Points;5);J. M. W. TurnerCaspar;David FriedrichAntoine;Jen GrosJohn;Constable;Question;7.7.(TCO 5) Which of the following includes these;lines: "'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,'? that is all / Ye know;on earth, and all ye need to know"? (Points: 5);Ode;to a Nightingale""The;Rainbow""Ode on a Grecian Urn""Rime;of the Ancient Mariner;Question;8.8.(TCO 2) In which of the following compositions;does the character Siegfried play a significant role? (Points: 5);Tannh?userRigolettoLa;Vie ParisenneDer Ring des Nibelungen;Question;9.9.(TCO 2) Who wrote Ulysses, set in;Dublin, Ireland? (Points;5);James JoyceMarcel;ProustErnest;HemingwayT.;S. Eliot;Question;10.10.(TCO 5) Who created Portrait (Twins), in;which the artist appears in two roles? (Points: 5);Yasumasu MorimuraMasami;TeraokaMariko;MoriHung;Liu1.(TCO 5) Discuss the rivalry between Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, and discuss which movement each belonged to. Also, discuss how Matisse's Dance II may have been a rebuttal to Picasso's Demoiselles. (Points: 50) Question 2.2.(TCOs 3 and 4) Discuss the reasons that the Signoria commissioned Michelangelo to create a David that contrasted Donatello?s original. Compare and contrast Donatello's David with Michelangelo's David. (Points: 50) Question 3.3.(TCO 7) Discuss the characteristics of the period of cultural revival known as the Renaissance in Europe. Discuss how artists of the Renaissance reflected the characteristics of the period. Include the name of one work of art that reflects the characteristics of the period.(Points: 50)


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