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Letter from a Birmingham Jail and the Declaration of Individualism Paper




Question;I Need It Under 12 Hrs...On;Time....;5-6 Page In Length- Select Two Texts And;Summarize Both--- Giving The Relationship, If Any, Between The Two Works And;Comparing And Contrasting Content Styles And Authors. You May Include External;Sources Of Information Related To Your Selecion Of Articles: However, This;Should Be Focused More On Your Interprettation Of The Selection Rather Than;Literary Analysis. Also You Have To Pay Attention On Reality Vs;Allusion....;You Can Use Plato -The Cave;Nickel And Dimed..Ehrenreich...;Letter From Birmingham Jail.. Martin;Luther King Jr;The Declaration Of Independence--;No Plagiarism... Please....... No;Grammar Mistakes...;Follow The Direction Or Money;Back..;Need;It Asap...


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