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Question;Week 2 Assignment;Writing Assignment: Discuss a Legal/Ethical Issue;Write a paper based on a real court case involving a newspaper. Youmay;notuseSullivan v. NYT, but all other cases are;approved. Select one of the following terms to focus on.;1. Libel;2. First Amendment;3. Freedom of Information Act;4. Invasion of privacy;5. Access/trespass;6. Copyright law;7. First serial rights;8. Simultaneous rights;9. Privacy Protection Act;10. Surreptitious reporting;Please find in a newspaper an actual documented court case or an;article connected to one of the terms above. Use a search engine to find a;plethora of this type of documented court case examples.;In your report, do the following.;1. Examine the term you selected.;2. Define the term and relate it to journalism and newspapers.;3. Using your court case example, explain how this issue became a;legal matter for that newspaper.;4. Explore what could have been prevented, who won the case and;why, and what this meant for future newspapers.;5. Your paper should clearly explore the term you selected and its;implications through the actual court case you examine.;6. Your paper should be three pages long.;7. Your paper should follow APA formatting.


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