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Question;All discussions;Journalism is Changing (graded);People are no longer dependent on print newspapers to keep;them informed. What new forms of journalism are currently being developed?;Which forms do you prefer and why?;Identifying News (graded);Have you ever wondered how journalists decide what stories to;cover? They use broad criteria to make initial assessments and then take;their particular audiences into consideration. Look at an online newspaper;from your area, select an article, and tell us why you think it is or isn?t newsworthy.;Explain the criteria on which you based your decision and share the link you;viewed.;Week 2;Protection for the Media (graded);Let?s start with your protection as a journalist. Do some;research and reading to discover which part of the United States Constitution;protects the press and you as a journalist. What does the Constitution say? In;addition, why should there be protection for the press?;Code of Honor/Ethics (graded);Look;at several issues that affect the codes of honor and ethics of a;journalist, as well as the legal issues. Pick THREE from the following;list and define them. Discuss what an ethical journalist should keep in;mind regarding each issue.;DeceitPlagiarismConflict of InterestPayolaInvasion of PrivacyWithholding InformationWeek 3;The Discipline of Verification (graded);Chapter 6 of our text discusses the Discipline of;Verification. The text states ?Journalists, when operating as they should;follow much the same investigative system used by scientists.? What is the;system? How does the journalistic process of layered editing fit into the;Discipline of Verification?;Obituaries: Style and Information (graded);What is;the Inverted Pyramid? Explain this technique and why it is effective when;writing obituaries.;The definition of an;inverted pyramid is that it is a metaphor used by journalists and other writers;to illustrate how information should be prioritized and structured in a text.;It is a common method for writing news stories as well. The inverted pyramid or;upside-down pyramid can be thought of as a simple triangle with one side drawn;horizontally at the top and the body pointing down. The widest part at the top;represents the most substantial, interesting and important information the;writer means to convey, illustrating that this kind of material should head the;article, while the tapering lower portion illustrates that other material;should follow in order of diminishing importance. The top of the pyramid is the;lead" where the most important information is, the middle is the;body" where the crucial information is and the bottom is the;tail" where the extra information is. I think that the inverted;pyramid is important when writing obituaries because when you read an obituary;all the important information is first, the who, what, when, where and how.;Then the further you read on the less crucial the information is, usually;ending with the deceased "survivors" or perhaps where to;make monetary donations. Quite often, obituaries do;not state how a person died, but the first paragraph gives the information;that readers want to know the most such as the persons name, age, and place of;residency.Week 4;Conducting an Interview (graded);Discuss;the primary differences between open- and closed-ended questions. Define both.;Why are open-ended questions vital to good reporting?;In addition, read the following information. If you were the reporter, what;three open-ended questions would you ask while interviewing the subject?Scenario:Your local mayor has been;accused of stealing county funds. After a recent audit, he was accused of;embezzling over $5,000 over two years' time. His court date is set for next;week, and he has agreed to allow you to interview him to prove his innocence.;List your three open-ended questions. (Keep ethical and legal matters in mind!);This section lists options that can be used to view responses.;Quoting from Sources (graded);When quoting from sources for articles, explain three;considerations a journalist must keep in mind. Why are they important? What;risks are involved?Week 5;Effective News Reporting (graded);When;writing the news, what are three priorities a reporter must keep in mind? Why;are they essential to effective news reporting?;Working Together: Your News Article (graded);Post your completed article in the Class Newspaper thread;this week. Remember, it must concern a current, national news event. Use recent;news releases to gather information on the topic you select. We will brainstorm;for ideas together in this thread this week!;Also, please respond to classmates' topic selections. Give one another;feedback, suggestions, and help.;Mention any difficulties you encountered when writing the news article. Post;your completed article in your Team Thread this week.;Week 6;Working Together: Your News Article (graded);Post your completed article in the Class Newspaper thread;this week. Remember, it must concern a current, national news event. Use recent;news releases to gather information on the topic you select. We will brainstorm;for ideas together in this thread this week!;Also, please respond to classmates' topic selections. Give one another;feedback, suggestions, and help.;Mention any difficulties you encountered when writing the news article. Post;your completed article in your Team Thread this week.;Working Together: Your Sports Article (graded);This week, we will work on writing your sports article for;our class newspaper. First, post your ideas about what event you might cover.;Think of events coming up this week on television or even a local high school football;game in which your child will play! Post your completed article in the;Class Newspaper.;Then, list two priorities a sports writer must keep in mind when reporting on a;game. Why are these two priorities important? Explain your reasoning.Week 7;Newspaper Differences (graded);Locate two newspapers via the Internet or by purchasing them.;Choose a small community newspaper and a major, well-known paper such as The;Washington Postor The New York;Times. In your post, compare the two newspapers. What similarities;and differences do you note about the stories, such as the style and the;format? What are the front page stories? Don't forget to mention the names of;the two newspapers!;Working Together: Your Class Newspaper (graded);You have this week to work with your assigned team members;to produce a class newspaper. Remember, each student must include two;articles in the newspaper! Now is the time to assume your role in the production;process and fulfill your responsibilities so that the final assignment will be;completed on time.;Post a rough draft of the class newspaper to this thread early enough during;the week to allow everyone in class an opportunity to review the newspapers;towards ensuring a strong final project. Please provide feedback for;your own newspaper as well as the other team's newspaper.;Final project team reviews will be conducted next week where feedback and last;minute edits and changes will be completed before editor-in-chief submission of;the final deliverable.;Please be very proactive and work together as any successful newspaper staff!AssignmentWriting Assignment: Is It Newsworthy?;Complete the following in a Word document. The document should be 500-750;words and APA formatted.;1. Define newsworthy.;2. Find an article from your local paper. Scan it or find an online link to it.;3. Using the newsworthy criteria, determine if your article is newsworthy.;Explain why it is or isn't newsworthy based on criteria provided in the;textbook and discussed in the lecture.;4. You must turn in the actual article or add the link to your paper.Make sure you keep all articles you write throughout the course. At the;end, your best articles will be used in the classnewspaper.;Week 2 Assignment;Writing Assignment: Discuss a Legal/Ethical Issue;Write a paper based on a real court case involving a newspaper. Youmay;notuseSullivan v. NYT, but all other cases are;approved. Select one of the following terms to focus on.;1. Libel;2. First Amendment;3. Freedom of Information Act;4. Invasion of privacy;5. Access/trespass;6. Copyright law;7. First serial rights;8. Simultaneous rights;9. Privacy Protection Act;10. Surreptitious reporting;Please find in a newspaper an actual documented court case or an;article connected to one of the terms above. Use a search engine to find a;plethora of this type of documented court case examples.;In your report, do the following.;1. Examine the term you selected.;2. Define the term and relate it to journalism and newspapers.;3. Using your court case example, explain how this issue became a;legal matter for that newspaper.;4. Explore what could have been prevented, who won the case and;why, and what this meant for future newspapers.;5. Your paper should clearly explore the term you selected and its;implications through the actual court case you examine.;6. Your paper should be three pages long.;7. Your paper should follow APA formatting.;Week 3 assignment;Writing Assignment: Obituary;Write your own 200-300 word obituary.;?;Use the information in;the textbook and look at various obituaries, even those in your local newspaper;or online, to help you get started.;?;You can fictionalize the;obituary, but make sure the content is appropriate to this genre of journalism.;?;Consider including a;photo of yourself.;?;Don't forget to include a;headline.;?;Use the Wire Service;Style for writing located in Appendix 2, page 500.;Week 4;Writing Assignment: Conduct an;Interview & Write a Feature Article;Write a 400-600 word feature article;in a Word document.;Interview one person in your community. It can be the;local mayor about a problem in your community or it can be your father;about his lifelong career.Determine a focus for the interview.Include your questions, the interviewee's replies, and;your notes with your article.Use the Wire Service Style for writing located in;Appendix 2 on page 527.Week 5;Writing Assignment: News Article;Write a 300-500 word news article on any national news event that is;current. You may also elect to write on a local community meeting in your town;that you attend. Even a school PTA meeting could apply for this assignment.;Either way, you must research this event and write the article to the best of;your ability.;Reading other news releases on the topic is acceptable as long as you;determine the source is reliable. The Associated Press is a great place to;start by searching their press releases. Associated Press - Press Releases. You;may also check your local community newspapers. Use the Wire Service Style for;writing located on page 500 in Appendix 2.;Week 6;Writing Assignment: Sports Article;Write a 300-500 word sports article.;?;This sporting event must be one you;witness either in person or on the television. Take good notes while watching;the event.;?;You may write on an event you;choose, whether it be a local football game or a national golf tournament. The;choice is yours!;?;If you write on a local event, grab;your camera and take a few photos to add to the article.;?;Use the Wire Service Style for;writing located on page 5 in Appendix 2.;Week 8;Course Project - Class Newspaper;You will develop a class newspaper;to be turned in as a CLASS project due in Week 8. As you work through each;week's assignments throughout the duration of the course, you will write;several articles?an obituary, a sports article, a news article, a feature;story, and more! TWO of your articles will be finalized and included in the;class newspaper. Keep this in mind as you work on assignments each week. Write;as a journalist would.;The class newspaper should be;created in an MS Word document. I don't expect it tolookexactly as a;real newspaper would, but do have a title, date, and edition number, as well as;the articles placed in sections with photos/artwork/graphics and a traditional;advertising section at the end. In other words, the obituaries would not be on;the front page. Illustrate that you know how to put a newspaper together.;The focus of the grading will be on;the writing and editing. Remember that this is a class report, butindividualgrades;come into play. Grades are based on your individual participation and the;quality of work you produce for this assignment.;Project Timeline;Week 1;Develop a name for your;newspaper.Assign positions amongst the;team. You need the following.a general copy editor,an editor-in-chief who will;oversee the entire paper and turn it in for the group,an editor for each;section?sports, news, obituaries, and features,a photo editor who will add;clip art and graphics,a designer for EACH;section?news, sports, obituaries, advertising?who will put the paper;together and place articles and so forth in the MS Word document, andone person who is creative;enough to make up apretendadvertisement section and edit it.Each of you will be reporters as;well, because TWO of your articles you write in this class must be used in;the project. If you have extra people without job titles, double up and work;together. Have the extra people help with proofreading, and so forth.;Take on a role that you know you;can do your best in. In other words, if you love sports, perhaps the sports;section editor is a great fit!;Week 2;You are to come up with a;code of ethics for your newspaper.;Weeks 3-6;As you write the assigned;articles, remember to work on editing the ones you like the most based on my;feedback.;Post your articles as you;write them to the Project Discussion area.Begin reviewing each other's;work during Weeks 3?6.Editors for eachsectionshould;begin working on helping writers make corrections, and so forth.If you are the photo editor;or the advertising writer and editor, begin working on your items for;the newspaper as well. The photo editor could begin searching for;pictures and graphs to use.In Week 6, you will be;assigned to a Project Team forum (A or B) where you will begin to put;together your newspaper as a group.;Week 7;An entire Discussion this;week is based on finalizing the course project, which is due next week.Post your two strongest;articles from the Project Discussion and begin editing and creating.;Remember to work in thepositionyou were elected to during Week 1.Continue to work in your;Project Team forum.By the end of this week, have;your newspaper finalized and ready for a final review and approval from;the editor-in-chief.;Week 8;The final course project is;due this week.All items identified by the;editor-in-chief should be addressed this week through your Project Team;forum.The editor will then place it;to the Dropbox by the due date posted in the Syllabus "Due Dates;for Assignments and Exams" section.


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