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Question;Rhetoric;essay;Topic is "The government shutdown and;the pending debt ceiling crisis;Length: 2-2.5 pages (MLA format);In rhetoric essay, you analyse the use of;pathos, logos and ethos.;Objective;Write an essay that shows your;understanding of rhetoric.;Method;We have learned to ask the question: ?What;point does this make?? This could apply to a visual image, essay, articles;blogs, and websites. We also analyze the point by addressing its rhetorical;context, in other words, when making the point, how does an author/institution;appeal to its audience, credibility and argument?;For this paper, you are to look at the;attention given to a recent popular news story. This could be political;entertainment, sports, etc.;As you write, begin with these steps;?;Go to Google News or a news source you frequent and google a topic for the most;recent news. Study the various websites and choose at least three articles of;the same topic to thoroughly analyze.;?;Create an argument as to why the story is the continued focus of the media.;Your introduction should give a brief overview or background of your topic that;leads to your thesis.;?;Your body paragraphs should consider who the audience is. How do the media get;the attention of the audience? Watch out for writing, ?anyone who?s;interested?? Instead, be specific about who you think the target audience is.;Think of the use of pathos here.;?;When writing about the ethos of a news site, question why an audience is;interested in the source(s) writing the story. Are the sources or authors;credible? How so? How is ethos being utilized?;?;As you think about logos, what is the media presenting about either one of;these stories? What type of evidence do they provide? What strategies do they;use to maintain an audience?s interest?;?;Conclude with an overview of your ideas or wrap up your ideas that you have;presented in your body paragraphs. You may include your final thoughts about;the topic as well, but resist adding any new information that hasn't already;been discussed.


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