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OR 5000-13G-4, Graduate Student Orientation




Question;Take Test: Unit III AssessmentQuestion 1 What is the preferred method of communication at CSU?AnswerTelephoneText messagePostal serviceEmail4 points Question 2 What does CSU suggest for student-professor communication?AnswerEmailSkypeText messageMSN Messenger4 points Question 3 Which of the following is an example of poor Netiquette?AnswerDear SirTHANKS FOR NOTHING, KNOW IT ALL!Thank youI disagree, and here's why...4 points Question 4 What do you need for effective time management?AnswerA planA watchAn extra day during the weekDistractions4 points Question 5 One way to plan and organize for essay writing is to use:Answera formal informal outline.a graphic organizer.all of the above4 points Question 6 A time management plan organizes events in order of:Answersequence.priority.difficulty.age.4 points Question 7 Which of the following is NOT an element in the essay writing process?AnswerPlan and organizeCopy from a bookEdit the draftRevise the essay4 points Question 8 What is the cause for most students to veer off their time management plan?AnswerFollowing a schedule.Studying for the allotted time.Getting distracted.Finding the course is too difficult.4 points Question 9 An essay should begin with:Answera conclusion.a picture.a introduction.4 points Question 10 As graduate students, you will be expected to:Answerthink and read critically.communicate effectively with professors and classmates.become familiar with effective research practices.all of the above4 points Question 11 Organization, time management, and effective communication are key elements to online learning. Discuss how you can use each of these elements toward your professional career.Your answer should be a minimum of 500 of your own words. Provide a reference citation for y


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