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Question;Module 1 -CaseRhetorical AppealsFor this first case assignment start by reading ?Letter from a Birmingham Jail? by Martin Luther King.Assignment: After reading the essay, write a response to the letter. Your response should include one example of each: ethos, pathos, and logos. The response should be 2 pages, double spaced.ExpectationsWrite a 2 page, double spaced essay.Use an introduction and conclusion.Consider King?s emotional appeal to his audience, his attention to logic, and what represents ethos within the letter.Your essay should contain three quotes to serve as examples of each appeal (ethos, pathos, and logos).Outside sources appropriately cited.Module 1 -SLPAssignment: Write an essay (2 pages, double spaced) that details a person in your life who has a strong ethos.In order to do well on this assignment, you must not only write well, but also provide detailed examples of what makes this person ethical, respected, and well-regarded. What does he or she do, say, or have that causes people to listen to the advice, or consider the perspectives, that he or she provides? In short, why do you think this person is ethical? Why?ExpectationsWrite a 2 page, double spaced essay.Use an introduction and conclusion.Write well.Provide detailed examples of what makes this person ethical.If outside sources are used appropriately cite them.Submit your work to CourseNet by the end of this module.


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