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Eng101-trident university module 4




Question;For this case assignment, you will write a three-four page essay that evaluates the essay ?The Yellow Wall-Paper. A Story.? For the case assignment you have the option to decide how best to evaluate Gilman?s essay. Consider what you have learned so far.;Assignment: Write a three-four page double-spaced essay.;Describe the essay;Explain how you intend to evaluate the essay;What have others said about Gilman and/or the essay;Consider multiple audiences: those who may feel sympathy for the main character and those who may not;Expectations;Write a three-four page essay using Charlotte Perkins Gilman?s ?The Yellow Wall-Paper. A Story?;Include an introduction that describes the essay and how you might evaluate it;Include a conclusion that ends with your final evaluation of the essay and your reasons for your evaluation;Consider what others have said about the essay;Include quotes to support your evaluation;Cite any outside sources


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