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Question;Responses should demonstrate;understanding of the course content & your analysis & critical;thinking, don't just re-iterate what's in the textbook & the course;modules, but integrate the information & apply it to the specific;question. APA style must be used for any citations or & references.;Answer within document below each question;1. Alice & Jonathan are taking;classes but have decided to move to the online format instead of;face-to-face. Up to this point they shared a desktop system at home for;document prep & used the school?s lab equipment for more advanced;software application requirements. They checked e-mail and did;additional online activities at work. Now they wish to be able to do all;these activities at home. The existing desktop system they used to;share has an updated operating system and adequate memory. They have;purchased two laptops & want to create a wireless network for their;home. a.Design a wireless network for Alice and Jonathan using their;existing desktop & 2 laptops. b.Describe how they could use the home;network.c.What types of hardware, software, connectivity components;etc., would be required to implement the home network? d.Security issues;will need to be considered. What are the risks to their network? What;will they need to fully protect their home network?;2.What is social networking? Define at;least two of the privacy issues related to participating on social;networking sites? For each issue, describe a real example of how this;might happen. What kinds of measures can be taken to guard privacy in;the use of such sites?;3.RAM is a temporary storage space that;is used to store program instructions and data. But accessing RAM is;inefficient because a CPU runs faster than RAM. What special storage;space (other than RAM) might a computer access that also temporarily;stores program instructions and data? Describe how this storage space;works, where it is located in the computer and how the speed compares;with other types of storage such as the RAM or hard drive.;4. People with severe disabilities can;be helped to lead independent self-supportive lives with the use of;assistive technologies. Because these special technologies can help them;communicate their intentions & effectively control their;environment, especially to operate a computer, they may be able to find;employment in spite of their physical, mental, or social challenges.;Your textbook in Chapter 5 looks at the future of input and output;devices. Pick one of the innovations listed there or from ?Many Students;Wonder? & discuss how this innovation might help someone with a;physical, mental or social disability. In your discussion, include a;description of the person and the disability (create a scenario), the;technology to be implemented, and the specific benefits the technology;will provide.;5. Define the term computer-based;information systems. In your definition, discuss 3 types of information;systems, the audience or level of management served by each, and how the;systems benefit the organization.;6. List & describe at least four ways in which processor speed can be increased. Short answer questions;7. What happens in an Excel spreadsheet;if a cell contains numerical data but the column is too narrow to;display the value? How can you correct this?;8. What is conditional formatting with Highlight Cells Rules? Give one example of how this feature can be useful in business.;9. What is the difference between a;relative cell reference and an absolute cell reference? When would you;make a reference absolute? Provide an example of when you would use an;absolute cell reference.;10. Think back to your Excel;project--the personal budget. What function would you use to find the;largest value stored in the monthly entries?January through;December--(not the budget, total or average columns) in your worksheet?;How would you enter this function (how would you select it and what;might the format look like)?;11. Think about the Excel project and;Access database project you completed in this class. Why is each Office;application appropriate for the tasks that were part of these projects?;Could you have used a spreadsheet to store the data you entered into the;database? Could you have used a database to complete your personal;budget? Explain response.;12. It's 1 hr before the due date/time;you have finished your Access project but take a break, during the;break someone accidentally deletes your database file. What might you;have done which would enable you to recover the project without re-doing;your work?;13. You have added a special video from;your files to your Power Point presentation. You send the presentation;to your instructor, but she says the video doesn't play when run. What;might be the problem?;14. Describe how you would apply slide;transitions to your PP presentation. What should you consider when using;transitions timing options?;15. What's the difference between a "table" in Word & a "table" in Access?


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