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Assignment: Implementation Plan




Question;Assignment: Implementation Plan;Instructions;Using the recommendation memo and;network diagram, develop a high-level plan for implementing the changes and;mitigating vulnerabilities and convergence issues.;The plan should include all the System;Development Life Cycle gates/decision points and all relevant tasks.;The plan must also describe and relate;the implementation solution to Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability;while incorporating people, processes and technology. Think about all of the;actions, resources, and tasks that you would need in order to effect a;successful implementation.;Technology = Cloud Computing / Backup;Recovery Technology / Digital Forensic Tools;?Plan;must be a minimum of 5 pages long (max of 8 pages), double-spaced and must be;written in APA format with a title/cover page. Any illustrations;(tables/charts/graphs) will not be included in the page count.;?This;assignment must include a resources page with at least 5 authoritative or;scholarly sources, cited properly throughout the paper in APA format.;?Be;sure to expertly define goals and objectives throughout the plan, while;describing the linkage and constraints associated with the solution. Major;tasks should be clearly prioritized according their importance to mitigating;the risks and issues found.;?Be sure to clearly identifies and articulates the cost of the overall;security solution. Also Clearly identify security solutions and assumptions;that consist of people, processes and technologies related to the risks.;?Be sure that all SDLC tasks are detailed and logically lead to the proposed;solutions. Also synthesize and apply all logical SDLC processes and schedules;to overall solution deployment.;?Be sure that any accompanying illustrations are strongly linked to proposed;solutions and content.;?Be sure that each defined milestone is directly related to overall;strategy/solution and clearly mitigates the risk or issue.;A;suggested format for this assignment is listed below;?;INTRODUCTION;?;Purpose of Plan;?;GOALS AND OBJECTIVES;?;Business Goals and;Objectives;?;Project Goals and;Objectives;?;SCOPE;?;Scope Definition;?;Items Beyond Scope;?;PROJECTED EXPENSES;?;System Development Life;Cycle/Schedule;?;Milestones;?;ASSUMPTIONS;?;Project Assumptions;?;CONSTRAINTS;?;Project Constraints;?;Critical Project Barriers


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