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Question;MIS 589 Networking Concepts and ApplicationsWeek 3Week 3: The Data Link Layer - DiscussionMedia Access Control (Graded)As you may have discovered by reading your textbook, there are two sub-layers that operate at the data link layer. The media access control (MAC) sub-layer controls the hardware, so let's focus on that aspect. The two approaches to media access control are controlled and contention access. What are some differences in these approaches? When would one access control be a better option than the other?Week 3: The Data Link Layer - Discussion Data Link Layer (Graded)Network sniffing and analysis has become a critical and necessary element of work for systems administrators, network admin, network engineers, security analysts, and many other niches within the realm of information technology. Wireshark is a free tool that allows you to quickly investigate connectivity and application problems. Download, install, and capture some local traffic from your home network. What data link communications do you see taking place? Does anyone see a term called ARP? What might this mean? Share your findings with the class.Please take a look in the Webliography for the link titled Wireshark.Week 3 Assignments:MIS 589 Week 3 Assignment, TextBook QuestionsWeek 3 Mini Case, Smith, Smith, Smith, and SmithAdditional Study Reference Papers (Source 2)Week 3 Quiz (Multiple Choice)1. (TCO B) Which of the following is true with respect to the data link layer?2. (TCO B) You are working to resolve a problem with communication to an office in your building. The Sr. Network Engineer asks you to go get a mini-switch or repeater so that the source of the error can be resolved. What was the likely source of this error?3. (TCO B) This error checking scheme adds 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits to the message.4. (TCO B) This type of transmission is typically used on a point-to-point full-duplex circuits.5. (TCO B) Your new position requires that you maintain a Token Ring network that includes several IBM mainframes. What type of access control would this network most likely use?6. (TCO B) You are working with a co-worker over the phone to connect a router at your location in New York to their network in San Francisco. After hours of troubleshooting the WAN protocol configured on the routers you find that the root of the problem is that he has a Cisco router and you have a Nortel router. Which WAN protocol are you most likely configuring in this scenario?7. (TCO B) ____ is not a function of a data link protocol.8. (TCO B) The key to selecting the best access control technique is to _______.9. (TCO B) In general, controlled approaches:10. (TCO B) With contention


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