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Here is page 2,Did page 1 go through? I can't tell, if not here it is again.,Those are the only two page. Page two has the directions on what I need to complete. Pretty much I have to post everything in the correct journals, complete the balance sheets, close the entires, etc. The original attachment I sent you already has the layout of how it should be.,Excellent, Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!,I'm sure you don't need it but here are a few time from my instructor. Requirement 4: Total of adjusted trial balance $84,225 Requirement 5: Net income $15,760, Total assets $64,220 Requirement 7: Total of post closing trial balance $64,340,Will the completed assignment just be e-mailed to me?,Hello Michael, how is this one coming along? My due date is tomorrow morning. Thank you.,Excellent, thanks again Michael, your help is very much appreciated!,Michael, when I try to click on the attachment it takes me to the dashboard. Do I need to do something special to view the file you sent me? It isn't working.


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