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Question;A lot of the work;done by a digital forensic investigator is done "in the field," and;documentation is crucial.;For the purposes of this project, you are an employee of Widget Corporation, assigned;as a technical specialist to the company's Intellectual Property and Compliance;section.;In this case, assume you have gotten a report from Mr. Iam Helpful, Human;Resources Specialist, Widget Corporation, of suspected child pornography on the;laptop computer of Mr. Isure Didit, Marketing Department, Widget Corporation.;Take a look at the photos in the Course Content area. Assume that you are;collecting the two items (which belong to Widget Corporation but are assigned;to Mr. Didit) seen in the photographs as evidence in what could become a;criminal investigation (if analysis finds evidence of a crime that would then;be presented to a law enforcement agency for further investigation and -;hopefully - prosecution).;Using the forms provided in the Course Content area, document the collection;and further treatment of the items in the photographs, in as descriptive a;manner as is professional and appropriate for a case that may be referred to;law enforcement. To satisfy the requirements of this project, you will submit;three (3) items (plus any supporting documents);A narrative of at least one (1) page (no cover or reference page is required;12-point "normal" font and margins) in a professional report style;(of your choosing) detailing (at a minimum): how the evidence was located (you;can make up the details, consistent with the scenario), the nature and;description of each piece of evidence, under what authority the evidence was;seized (again, you may make up the details, consistent with the scenario), how;the evidence was preserved or packaged, how the evidence will be transported;from the scene, and how you plan to store the evidence safely pending;examination. Fill out and use the hard drive and removable media worksheets;(both attached for your convenience in the Course Content area) to support your;narrative (please submit the completed worksheets along with your narrative;A completed Evidence Collection Document (attached in the Course Content area;in both.PDF and.DOC formats for your convenience), documenting the evidence;and establishing chain of custody from Mr. Iam Helpful, Human Resources;Specialist, Widget Corp., to you as the investigator.;A completed Request for Service worksheet (an fillable example from the State;of Maryland is provided for you in the Course Content area), wherein you can;request that analysis be performed on the evidence you collected to determine;whether there is indeed contraband images on Mr. Didit's media. Feel free to;make up details that are consistent with the scenario in order to complete the;request form with appropriate data.


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