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Question;Scenario;You;are an information system security professional for CCS International, a;company that provides IT personnel for a variety of government and;private contracts. The organization to which you are currently;contracted hires a new chief security officer (CSO) after the previous;CSO retires. Although the new CSO is in charge of security for the;organization's data assets, networks, and computer systems, her;background and most recent experience is in physical security, and she;knows very little about information security. Your manager explains that;you have been assigned the task of preparing an information brief for;the new CSO, which will provide her with the basics of cyber security;acquaints her with the current threats facing your organization's data;infrastructure, and the legal issues related to protecting the;enterprise.;Prepare a slide presentation;covering (at a minimum) the following topics: What is cyber security;and what are some of its key concepts? What are the most significant;threats to your data, and what are some of the root causes of those;threats? Are cyber criminals a real danger to your enterprise? Why or;why not? What is risk management, and how can the risk management;process help you protect your infrastructure and data? What are some;computer security best practices that you would recommend, and how will;they help protect your IT assets? If your organization does become a;victim of a cyber-crime or a security incident, how will you respond?;What types of evidence would be important to your investigation, and how;would they be used? What would law enforcement's role be in your;incident response plan? Are there any laws at the local, state, federal;or even international level that protect your organization by imposing;penalties on cyber criminals? Provide at least one example of a;cyber-crime court case, and explain both its outcome and its;significance. What do you need from the CSO to best protect your;organization? Justify your requests.;Assignment Prepare a 15- to 20-slide presentation;addressing the scenario and covering the topics above. Ensure that you;create a title slide for your presentation (not included in the 15- to;20-slide count) displaying your name, the course title, and the date of;submission. Be sure to use a background and fonts appropriate for your;meeting with the CSO.;Prepare;a script to go along with the slide presentation that could be read to;provide an in-depth discussion of the topics highlighted on the slides.;Research the topics above, using your textbook, information provided in;class, and resources provided by the UMUC library or textbooks from;previous courses. Your script should be written in an academic format;should be logically organized (e.g., introduction, body, and;conclusion), and should include the following: a cover page with your;name, the course title, and the date of submission an introductory;section that explains the purpose of the presentation the body of the;paper, addressing the topics discussed in your slides a conclusion;section that summarizes your discussions a References page in which you;reference the text or other sources, which must be properly documented;and cited, using APA formatting The script must be a minimum of 10 double-spaced;computer-generated pages in length, using a 12-point font, with 1-inch;page margins (top, bottom, right, and left). There must also be a cover;page and a Re


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