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Linux Case Study




Question;Phase I IntroductionIn this case study, you will be expected to write an introductory document covering the following items:- Make sure you have a brief synopsis to start your presentation: e.g. what are the various versions of theLinux kernel (embedded, mainstream, numbering scheme?)? What are the particularities of Linux ascompared to other mainstream Operating Sysvtems?- Provide an overview of the Linux kernel componentso You will provide a diagram illustrating the Linux kernel architecture and various components andclassify it according to what we discussed in classo You will discuss briefly the role of each component you identified and its dependencies with othercomponents (which component depends on which and what is the nature of their dependency)o Provide references to the source of information you usedo Possible components to focus on,? Process manager? Scheduler? Memory manager? Device drivers? Inter Process Communication services implementation? Virtual File Systems implementation? Other you might discover during your searchPhase II Core BibliographyThis phase of your case study will focus on one specific kernel component of your choice. You will researchinformation about the implementation of this component. (algorithms & data structures used, differences withother OSes, strength and weaknesses, performance benchmark information?)The bibliography phase might be shorter than for other topics so far that there might be only a couple of sites orbooks devoted to this component kernel implementation. Hint: Periodicals might be of great help.Make sure you cover your bases and do not miss major references (especially if available on campus Library)then move on to phase III as soon as possible to give you more time to devote to the technical report and OScomponent study.Phase III Technical tutorialThe objective of your technical tutorial is to synthesize your readings about the kernel component you chose anddesign a 15 minutes PowerPoint-based presentation which will enable your classmates to becomeknowledgeable on its implementation.Objectives should include,- Explain the algorithm & data structures used in this component- Underline the component?s strength and weakness as well as the parameters which can be used to finelytune this component form user-space.- Identify the code segments which are relevant to this component and provide a code walk throughAs explained in the general guidelines your work has to be original, if you find many similar tutorials during PhaseII, you need to find a way to distinguish yourself and provide an original contribution of your own.You also need to prepare a presentation file (PowerPoint) with the explanations on the technical details of the Case Study.


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