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is a virus that infects Windows systems by searching all the drives and connected network




Question;Question 1 (5 points)____________ is a virus that infects Windows systems by searching all the drives and connected network shares to locate files with an EXE or SCR extension. The virus can also connect to remote websites to download malicious code.W32/Dzan-CW32/Hasnot-AW32/Madang-FamW32/Fujacks-AKQuestion 2 (5 points)____________ is a type of RFID attack that produces illegal copies of legitimate RFIP tags?for example, when a supermarket item tag is replaced with a similar tag so that thieves can purchase the items at lower prices.ReplaySwitchingSpoofingTrackingQuestion 3 (5 points)____________ is a method used to allow the installation of third-party software on an iPhone or iPod Touch device.iHackingJailbreakingiActivateiFreedomQuestion 4 (5 points)Which of the following are Bluetooth security issues? (Select all that apply.)short PINsnonnegotiable length of encryptionshared master keyreusable unit keysQuestion 5 (5 points)The ____________ is a unique 15- or 17-digit code used to identify a mobile station to a GSM network and make it easier to deactivate a device that has been lost or stolen.International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)Subscriber Identity module (SIM)SIM lock number (SLN)International Mobile Identity number (IMIN)Question 6 (5 points)Electrical attacks on USB drives involve ____________ access to a device's circuit board.remoteunauthorizedrootphysicalQuestion 7 (5 points)____________ is a communication service standardized in the GSM mobile communication system that allows exchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.GPRSSMSCDMASIPQuestion 8 (5 points)This USB security tool integrates with Active Directory, using built-in Group Policy mechanisms to enforce centralized access control.USB BlockerUSBDeviewMyUSBOnlyADUSBpolicyQuestion 9 (5 points)In this Bluetooth attack, the attacker poses as one of the two devices and sends a message to the other, claiming that the device has forgotten the link key and prompting the devices to pair again and generate a new link key. The attacker then uses the new key to eavesdrop on communication between the two devices.bluejackingblueprintingbluesmackingshort pairing code attackQuestion 10 (5 points)____________ RFIP tags are larger and more expensive than passive tags because they have their own power source, which is used to run the microchip's circuitry and send a signal to the reader.SemipassiveActiveNonpassiveReaderQuestion 11 (5 points)This cryptographic key is used to generate working session keys for the encrypted exchange of information between two Bluetooth devices.certificateMaster Session Key (MSK)key pairingpiconetQuestion 12 (5 points)____________ is wireless technology that allows mobile phones, computers, and other devices to exchange information using short-range connections.Blue pairingPiconetBluetoothBlackBerryQuestion 13 (5 points)Which type of RFID tag has a read-only chip?passiveactiveread-onlysemipassiveQuestion 14 (5 points)Which of the following tools can be used to copy files to a USB storage device and dynamically encrypt and compress files and folders?USBlyzerUSBLockRemora USB File GuardUSBSwitchbladeQuestion 15 (5 points)This Bluetooth attack causes no damage to the targeted device but may be annoying and disruptive to its victims, similar to e-mail spamming.bluejackingbluespammingbluebuggingbluesmackingQuestion 16 (5 points)The SymbOS/MultiDropper.CG malware targets the Symbian operating system and comes bundled with different multidropper mobile phone ____________.TrojansappsrootkitsvirusesQuestion 17What type of attack on a USB device driver can allow an attacker to bypass Windows security and gain administrator access on the host machine?denial of servicerootkitbuffer overflowTrojanQuestion 18____________ is a security tool that alerts system administrators anytime a removable USB storage device is used on any computer on the network.USBNotifierRemora USB AlerterAdvanced USB MonitorUSB CopyNotify!Question 19This USB hacking tool runs in the background and automatically downloads the content of any USB drive connected to the system. This tool can be integrated with other hacking tools such as USB Hacksaw and scripts to send downloaded files to remote locations through encrypted e-mail or FTP.USB SwitchbladeUSBDumperUSBDeviewUSBDownloaderQuestion 20When this is used in an RFID tag, a command can be sent to deactivate the tag and can never be reactivated.RSA blocker tagRFID wipeformat switchkill switch


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