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BIS 155 Advanced PC Applications




Question;BIS 155 Advanced PC;Applications;Week 1;Excel;Fundamentals and Charting - iLab;Excel;Fundamentals and Charting - Quiz;Week 2;Excel?s;Advanced Formulas and Functions - iLab;Excel's;Advanced Formulas and Functions - Quiz;Week 3;Data;Analysis Functions - iLab;Data;Analysis Functions - Quiz;Week 4;Office;Integration and Mail Merge - iLab;Office;Integration and Mail Merge - Quiz;Week 5;Consolidating;Data and What-If Analysis - iLab;Consolidating;Data and What-If Analysis - Quiz;Consolidating;Data and What- If Analysis - iLab -6;Week 6;Course;Project, Northwind Traders Sales Data Analysis- Excel Project;Course;Project, Project Memo Template;Week 7;iLab (Access;Database);Week 8;Final Exam;(Two Different Solutions);Week 6 Course Project - Excel project;Northwind Traders Sales Data Analysis;Organize the Data;Data imported from SalesData.csv text file located in Course Project;Materials in DocSharing. Professional formatting follows the formatting;guidelines we studied during the first week of class. Documentation sheet added;to provide author, purpose, and date and provide information about each of the;sheets you will create as you analyze the data. At least one calculated field;added and copied to all cells in the worksheet.;Analyze the Data;Analyze the data in at least three different ways. Each form of Data Analysis;should be provided on a separate, appropriately labeled worksheet. It is;expected that each sheet will be professionally formatted and clearly;documented with titles, comments, and explanation. Remove any extra sheets so;your workbook is as compact as possible when you turn it in. Go back and review;your labs for assistance in completing the different types of analysis.;The following are some examples of analysis you might wish to do;Sort by discount level. Have discounts increased sales volumes? Is there any;discount level that appears to be more effective than others? Graph sales over;time to see trends. Are there any peaks and lows in sales? Is there any time of;year in which sales are highest? Lowest? Pivot the data to see total sales by;quarter, country, category, and salesperson. Are there any highs? Are there any;lows that need to be addressed? Subtotal the data. How are quarterly sales;totals? Sales totals by salesperson? By Country? Challenge Option: Perform;What-If Analysis. What if prices were raised by a certain percentage with a;slight decline in sales? What combination of price increases and decline in;sales makes most sense?;Present your Conclusions in a Report;Use the integration techniques we worked on in;the course to develop a report (Word document) that includes data and graphs;copied and pasted from your spreadsheet. You will turn in both your;Recommendation Report and your spreadsheet. (There is an Excel Project Template;in DocSharing, Course Project Materials, to help you formulate your report. The;yellow-lined information provides an explanation of what should be included in;each section of the report.);Your report will focus one paragraph on each of the Data Analysis sheets in;your workbook. Explain the type of analysis you completed, the conclusions you;drew, and a recommendation based on the analysis. (45 points);You should include a final paragraph that explains three things you learned;about using Excel for data analysis. (15 points)


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