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BIS 155 Week 1 to 5 Quiz




Question;BIS 155 Week 1 to 5 Quiz;Week 1 Quiz;1. (TCO 1)Which of the;following describes the function of the Formula Bar (as it applies to Excel;2010)?;2. (TCO 1) Which of;the following best describes a cell address?;3. (TCO 1) If you;wanted to insert the current date into an active cell, which of the following;would you use?;4. (TCO 1) In Excel a;Formula is _______.;5. (TCO 1) Which of;the following describes the Auto Fill in Excel 2010?;6. (TCO 1) Ribbon;Commands with arrows indicate_____.;7. (TCO 1) The three;types of data that can be entered in a cell in an Excel worksheet are;8. (TCO1) In Excel, a;border ________.;9. (TCO 3) A data series is a group of;related ____________.;10. (TCO 3) A;is usually the most effective way to display proportional;relationships, such as market share data, where the individual data values;represent parts of a whole.;11. (TCO 3) When;creating a chart in Excel, a single data series _____.;12. (TCO 3) To display;similar data in a single column, with each series of data distinguished by a;different color, use a;13. (TCO 3) To provide;your viewers with an explanation of the representations of the colors;utilized in;the data series in your chart, provide a;14. (TCO 3) Which of;the following best describes the X Y (scatter) chart?;15.(TCO 3) Which of;the following best describes a trendline?;Week 2 Quiz;1. (TCO 2) An;absolute cell reference;2. (TCO 2) Which;of the following best describes a circular reference?;3. (TCO 2) =$E2-G$4;contains examples of _____ cell references.;4. (TCO 2) In;Excel, an Argument would be best described by which of the following;statements?;5. (TCO 2) The;MEDIAN function would identify the ____.;6. (TCO 2) The;MAX function identifies the _____.;7. (TCO 2) The;NOW function would perform which of the following?;8. (TCO 2) The;number is the number of the column in the lookup table that contains the return;values.;9. (TCO 2) Arithmetic;operations, cell references, and ____can be used in Excel formulas.;10. (TCO 2) To;simplify entering ranges in formulas, you can use _____.;11. (TCO 7) A;helps to ensure consistency and standardization for similar workbooks;such as detailed income statements for all 12 months in a year.;12. (TCO 2) When;calculating a PMT function, the PV is best described by which of the;following?;13. (TCO 7) Before;protecting a worksheet, you should __ the cells that you want users to be;able to;edit.;14. (TCO 7) Which;of the following file formats can store macros?;15. (TCO 7) By default, Excel;automatically _____ macros and displays a security warning when a file;containing macros is opened.;Week 3 Quiz;1. (TCO 4) If there;are certain columns of information that are not needed at a particular time but;might be needed later,_ the unneeded columns to allow users to focus on only;the essential information.;2. (TCO 4) In Excel;the print area is defined as _____.;3. (TCO 4) When sorting in Excel, it;arranges records in a table _____.;4. (TCO 4) Filtering;the Cost column (field) to show only records greater than $10,000 is......__.;5. (TCO 4) To create a;new Conditional Formatting Rule, _____.;6. (TCO 4)In addition;to sorting and filtering cells by content, you can sort and/or filter by _____.;7. (TCO 4)When data is;grouped, the margin area displays the _____.;8. (TCO 4);A _____ allows you to identify relationships between variables in your;data.;9. (TCO 4) Data mining;techniques such as PivotTables can detect _____ of data.;10. (TCO 4) A faster;way to expand all categories at one time is to click _____.;11. (TCO 4) Data;displayed in the PivotTable will be updated _____.;12.(TCO 4) A quick way to display the Go to dialog box is;to press the _____ key(s).;13. (TCO 4) After a;PivotChart has been created, the PivotTable Settings can still be;changed....___.;14. (TCO 4) To build a;PivotTable and PivotChart at the same time, click the PivotTable arrow......__.;15. (TCO 4) Which of;the following will NOT delete a PivotChart?;Week 4 Quiz;1. (TCO 8)Which of the;following is one of the most common file types imported into Excel?;2. (TCO 8)Which of the;following is NOT a text file?;3. (TCO 8)Which of the following is;NOT a method for refreshing data?;4. (TCO;8) The Convert Text to Columns Wizard allows you to choose the file type;such as Delimited;5. (TCO 8) Which;of the following is a frequently used function to manipulate txt?;6.(TCO 8)To change;the text string Jack Doe to JACK DOE, use the ________ function.;7. (TCO 8)Which of the;following cannot be used in a CONCATENATE function?;8. (TCO 8) If you;want to send a letter to all your customers using Mail Merge, and you already have;the customers' names and addresses stored in an Excel file, you should choose;from the Select.......;9. (TCO 8)The New;Comment command is located on the ________ tab.;10. (TCO 8) An;alternative method for inserting a comment in a cell includes;11. (TCO 8)The command;to track changes is located on the ________ ta;12. (TCO 8) The;command to send an Excel workbook by e-mail is located on the;tab.(Points:2);13. (TCO 8) Windows;can search for files by author name or keywords that have been entered into;14. (TCO;8) Which function is similar to the Find and Replace feature?;15. (TCO 8) To encrypt;a workbook with a password, click Info on the File tab, click _____......;Week 5 Quiz;1. (TCO 5) When;multiple worksheets are selected, the word ________ appears in the title bar.;2. (TCO 5) In Excel;which of the following would you perform to group adjacent worksheets?;3. (TCO 5) When two;windows of the same workbook are opened, Excel adds ________ to the....;4. (TCO 5) After;saving the arrangement of windows, a workbook can be opened by opening __file.;5. (TCO 5) Which of;the following functions do NOT work with 3D formulas?;6. (TCO 5) Excel's;ability to manage worksheets allows you to do all EXCEP;7. (TCO 5);If A1 contains the hourly pay rate of $10.25, A2 contains the hours worked;(40), and A3 contains =A1*A2, which cell is the dependent cell(s)?;8. (TCO 6) In a;what-if analysis of a car purchase, the original interest rates of 6% and 5%;5.5% and 6.5% are the ________ values.;9. (TCO 6) Which;What-If Analysis tool would be best at comparing the combined effects of.....?;10. (TCO 6) After;entering the substitution values and the reference to a formula, the next step;to complete a two-variable data table and view the results is to;11. (TCO 6) The Goal;Seek command is located in the ________ command on the Data tab.;12. (TCO 6) Which of;the following is NOT in the What-If Analysis command in the Data Tools.....?;13. (TCO 6) Which of;the following is NOT one of the three parameters in Solver?;14. (TCO 6) Which of;the following is NOT required for Solver to generate a solution?;15. (TCO 6) The initial;results of a Goal Seek are


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