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Question;151. Which term descries the process;of creting formul tht refers to cell in the sme loction ut on seprte sheets in;workook?;A.;3-D rnge;B.;3-D formul;C.;3-D reference;D.;Wide rnge;152. Wht is n orgnized collection of dt clled?;A.;Tle or list;B.;Tle or dtse;C.;Dtse or list;D.;Tle or field;153. Wht re the individul dt items tht mke;up record in tle clled?;A.;Column;B.;Records;C.;Field;D.;Tle;154. Which rion includes the commnds to pply;quick tle style to rnge of cells?;A.;Home;B.;Insert;C.;Pge Lyout;D.;Dt;155. Which dilog ox llows user to select the first row s the tle?s heder;row?;A.;Formt;B.;Tle Style;C.;Formt Style;D.;Formt s Tle;156. How do you quickly modify tle style to meet user preferences?;A.;Right-click on style nd choose Modify;B.;Right-click on style nd choose Duplicte;C.;Doule-click style from the Tle Quick Styles Gllery;D.;Choose Modify from the Styles;Group on the Home Rion;157. When sorting dt in tle, which fields re selected s fields to sort;y?;A.;Field keys;B.;Tle keys;C.;Sort keys;D.;Sequence keys;158. Which technique uses the tle column heding;rrows to nrrow dt in tle to show only;specific items meeting desired;criterion?;A.;utoFilter;B.;utoSort;C.;Orgnize;D.;Filter;159. Wht is visul wy to show how two vriles relte to ech;other in tle?;A.;Sprkline;B.;Dtline;C.;Dt trend;D.;Trendline;160. Which is n interctive view of;worksheet dt tht gives user the ility to;summrize the dt y selecting ctegories in which to group the dt?;A.;PivotChrt;B.;PivotTle;C.;PivotDte;D.;RotteTle;161. Which is the nme of n interctive grphicl;representtion of dt tht llows user to chnge;the groupings?;A.;PivotChrt;B.;PivotTle;C.;PivotDte;D.;RotteTle;162. Wht re grphicl ojects tht contin uttons;user cn click to filter the dt in PivotTles;nd PivotChrts?;A.;Slivers;B.;Prtils;C.;Slicers;D.;Movers;163. When creting PivotTle, which re drwn in columns in the;worksheet dt?;A.;Records;B.;Fields;C.;Cells;D.;Rnges;164. Wht is the process of viewing PivotTle report for suset tht meets the criterion only?;A.;Filtering;B.;Sorting;C.;Positioning;D.;rrnging;165. Which rion is visile when PivotTle is selected, nd llows user to pply vrious styles to the PivotTle?;A.;Lyout;B.;Options;C.;Design;D.;Formt;166. Which of the following is the defult;method for summrizing dt in PivotTle?;A.;Count;B.;verge;C.;Mx;D.;Sum;167. Wht is the purpose of the -/+ uttons;tht pper cross the ctegories on PivotTle?;A.;Decrese/Increse;B.;Collpse/Expnd;C.;Reduce/dd;D.;Sutrct/dd;168. In order to directly report the dt, wht;must PivotChrt lwys e ssocited with?;A.;Tle;B.;Rnge;C.;PivotTle;D.;Worksheet;169. Which t in the PivotChrt Tools Rion llows;user to pply chrt style to the PivotChrt?;A.;Design;B.;Lyout;C.;Formt;D.;nlyze;170. Which t in the PivotChrt Tools Rion llows;user to pply chrt titles to the PivotChrt?;A.;Design;B.;Lyout;C.;Formt;D.;nlyze;171. On PivotTle, wht is field with vlues not entered s dt ut;determined y computtion involving dt in;other fields clled?;A.;Totl field;B.;utoSum;C.;Clculted field;D.;nlyzed field;172. Which is specil workook user cn crete nd then use s pttern to crete new, similr workooks or;worksheets?;A.;Form;B.;oilerplte;C.;SmrtSheet;D.;Templte;173. Wht is the process of ringing dt contining;text fields seprted y comms into Excel clled?;A.;Importing dt;B.;Dt collection;C.;Dt integrtion;D.;Dt migrtion;174. Which file contins dt fields seprted y;specil chrcter such s comm?;A.;Text file;B.;Delimited file;C.;Import file;D.;Dt file;175. Which is wy to qulify dt y specifying mtching condition or sking question of the dt?;A.;Filter;B.;Sort;C.;Query;D.;Proe


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