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Question;176. Wht technique selects dt from the;Internet to dd to n Excel worksheet?;A.;We serch;B.;We filter;C.;Internet proe;D.;We query;177. Wht is single chrcter, word, or phrse in cell on worksheet tht is typiclly used in serches?;A.;Text;B.;String;C.;Thred;D.;Key;178. Which commnd on the Insert Rion enles user to insert picture of progrm window into worksheet?;A.;Shpes;B.;Picture;C.;Smrtrt;D.;Screenshot;179. Which commnd on the Insert Rion enles user to insert picture of prt of screen into worksheet?;A.;Shpes;B.;Picture Cropping;C.;Screen Clipping;D.;Screenshot;180. Which commnd on the Insert Rion cretes;link to we pge, picture, emil ddress, or progrm in worksheet?;A.;Hyperlink;B.;We link;C.;Linkup;D.;Text link;181. Which commnd cretes decortive text in worksheet?;A.;Smrtrt;B.;Wordrt;C.;Drw;D.;Shpe;182. Which commnd on the Insert Rion cretes;grphic tht communictes informtion to the;user?;A.;Shpes;B.;Picture;C.;Smrtrt;D.;Screenshot;183. Which commnd on the Insert Rion;inserts grphic from file into worksheet?;A.;Shpes;B.;Picture;C.;Smrtrt;D.;Screenshot;184. Which commnd on the Insert Rion inserts;grphic from the Microsoft Office;collection into worksheet?;A.;Clip rt;B.;Picture;C.;Smrtrt;D.;Instnt rt;185. Which commnd group on the Pge Lyout Rion;controls the presence of gridlines nd hedings on worksheet?;A.;Themes;B.;Pge Setup;C.;Sheet Options;D.;rrnge;186. Which commnd on the Pge Lyout Rion enles;user to flip ojects on worksheet?;A.;lign;B.;rrnge;C.;Group;D.;Rotte;187. Which commnd group on the Formuls Rion;llows user to choose from vrious ctegories;of functions to use in worksheet?;A.;Function Lirry;B.;Defined Nmes;C.;Formul uditing;D.;Clcultion;188. Which group on the Formuls Rion contins;commnd tht llows user to crete nmes for cells to use in formul?;A.;Function Lirry;B.;Defined Nmes;C.;Formul uditing;D.;Clcultion;189. Which group on the Formuls Rion contins;the commnd tht checks for common errors found in formul?;A.;Function Lirry;B.;Defined Nmes;C.;Formul uditing;D.;Clcultion;190. Which commnd on the Formuls Rion enles;user to specify when formul is computed?;A.;Function Lirry;B.;Defined Nmes;C.;Formul uditing;D.;Clcultion;191. Wht commnd specifies complex criteri;to limit which records re included in the result set of query?;A.;Sort;B.;dvnced Filter;C.;Filter;D.;Screen;192. Wht commnd totls relted dt in severl;rows y inserting totls for selected cells?;A.;Sutotls;B.;Group;C.;Totls;D.;Clculte;193. In worksheet, which commnd suggests other words;with similr mening tht cn e used?;A.;Spelling;B.;Reserch;C.;Thesurus;D.;Lnguge;C;194. Which rion contins commnds to dd comment out selected cell in worksheet?;A.;Home;B.;Insert;C.;Dt;D.;Review;195. Wht commnd prevents unwnted chnges to;dt in worksheet y specifying exctly wht;informtion my e chnged?;A.;Protect Workook;B.;Protect Sheet;C.;Shre;D.;Protection;196. Wht commnd limits structurl chnges;such s dding, deleting, or moving sheets, tht cn e mde in workook?;A.;Protect Workook;B.;Protect Sheet;C.;Shre;D.;Protection;197. Which function key quickly opens the;Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Online Help window?;A.;F1;B.;F2;C.;F3;D.;F4;198. Wht keyord shortcut utomticlly sves worksheet with the current nme nd in the;current loction?;A.;Ctrl + V;B.;Ctrl + S;C.;lt + S;D.;lt + V;199. Wht keyord shortcut will undo the lst ction;in worksheet?;A.;Ctrl + X;B.;Ctrl + U;C.;Ctrl + Z;D.;lt + U;200. Which re on the title r contins commnd tht will sve workook with chnges nd close the Excel Progrm;Window?;A.;Window Control uttons;B.;Quick ccess Toolr;C.;Shortcut Menu;D.;Excel Quick keys


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