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Question;61. In Excel 2010, which of the following cn;you use to erse or cler cell or rnge of;cells?;A.;Cell Styles utton, Shortcut;menu, nd Fill Hndle;B.;Quick ccess Toolr, Shortcut;menu, nd Cell Styles utton;C.;Fill Hndle, Delete Key, nd;Quick ccess Toolr;D.;Cell Styles utton, Shortcut;menu, nd Undo utton;62. Wht is prewritten formul tht is uilt into Excel 2010;clled?;A.;Utility;B.;Procedure;C.;Function;D.;Sttement;63. Where cn you find the Insert Function utton;in Excel 2010?;A.;Quick ccess Toolr;B.;Formul r;C.;Sttus r;D.;Shortcut menu;64. Which of the following lwys egins with n;equl sign (=) nd performs clcultions or other ctions using the dt in worksheet?;A.;Formul;B.;rry;C.;Rnge;D.;Series;65. How often does Excel 2010 utomticlly;reclculte formuls in worksheet?;A.;Every 5 minutes;B.;Ech time you click on cell;C.;Ech time you enter vlue into cell;D.;Ech time the worksheet is;opened or closed;66. Wht is the sic mthemticl order tht;Excel 2010 follows when more thn one rithmetic opertor is involved in formul?;A.;Numericl progression;B.;Order of opertion;C.;Process of elimintion;D.;Mthemticl method;67. Which mode enles you to use the mouse;to select cells for use in formul?;A.;Edit mode;B.;Selection mode;C.;Formul mode;D.;Point mode;68. How re cell reference in formul nd its corresponding loction in worksheet identified?;A.;rrows pointing from the formul;to the loction;B.;Cell reference nd cell loction re;circled;C.;Cell reference nd cell loction re;outlined in mtching colors;D.;Lines connect from the formul;to the loction;69. Wht method is the most efficient wy to;copy five seprte formuls to djcent cells simultneously?;A.;Copy method from Shortcut Menu;B.;Copy using the Fill Hndle;C.;Copy from the Home Rion;D.;Copy using the Quick ccess Toolr;70. Which option utton enles user to fill cells following fill opertion?;A.;utoCorrect;B.;Insert;C.;Pste;D.;uto Fill;71. Which option utton provides formtting;options following the insertion of cells, rows, or columns in worksheet?;A.;utoCorrect;B.;Insert;C.;Pste;D.;uto Fill;72. Which option utton provides list of error-checking options following the ssignment;of n invlid formul to cell?;A.;Trce Error;B.;utoCorrect;C.;Pste;D.;uto Fill;73. Which of the following is vlid Excel 2010 function?;A.;VERGE, MX, nd NUM;B.;MX, MIN, nd WEEK;C.;VERGE, MX, nd MIN;D.;WEEKDY, MX, nd CLOSE;74. When typing function directly into worksheet cell, wht provides description of currently selected functions?;A.;Screenshot;B.;Description ox;C.;Function ox;D.;Screen Tip;75. Which is the vlid function for displying;the highest vlue in rnge of vlues?;A.;Mx;B.;High;C.;Upper;D.;Top;76. Wht tool do you use to check which;cells re referenced in formuls tht re ssigned to the ctive cell?;A.;Reference Finder;B.;Rnge Finder;C.;Reference Checker;D.;ddress Finder;77. Which set of formtting choices includes;set of colors, fonts, nd effects tht you;cn pply to worksheet to enhnce its ppernce?;A.;Lyout;B.;Templte;C.;Theme;D.;Design;78. Which rion contins the commnd to pply theme to worksheet in Excel 2010?;A.;Home;B.;Pge Lyout;C.;Dt;D.;View;79. Where cn you find the commnd to pply ckground color to cell or rnge of cells in worksheet?;A.;Home Rion;B.;Insert Rion;C.;Pge Lyout Rion;D.;View Rion;80. Which dilog ox contins the commnds to;specify n exct dte nd time formt to use for selected cell in worksheet?;A.;Numer;B.;Font;C.;Prgrph;D.;Formt Cells;81. Wht type of formtting ppers only when;the vlue in cell meets conditions;specified y user?;A.;Criterion;B.;Conditionl;C.;Logicl;D.;Restrictive;82. Which of the following is mde up of two;vlues nd reltionl opertor, nd is true or;flse for ech cell in the rnge?;A.;Condition;B.;Stte;C.;Restriction;D.;Logic;83. In n Excel 2010 worksheet, how do you;chnge the width of column so tht the;widest entry will fit?;A.;Smrt Fit;B.;utoFit;C.;est Fit;D.;True Fit;84. Wht is the term used to refer to dot on computer monitor tht contins color?;A.;Mrk;B.;Point;C.;Icon;D.;Pixel;85. Where is the spellchecker locted?;A.;Home Rion;B.;Pge Lyout Rion;C.;Review Rion;D.;View Rion;86. Which view enles user to crete or modify worksheet while seeing how it will look in;printed formt?;A.;Pge Lyout;B.;Print;C.;Norml;D.;We;87. Which view is the defult view used in;Excel 2010?;A.;Pge Lyout;B.;Print;C.;Norml;D.;We;88. Which term descries the lnk portions of;pge tht fll outside the min ody of the;printed document?;A.;orders;B.;Edges;C.;Frmes;D.;Mrgins;89. Wht re contins the commnd used to print;worksheet in Excel 2010?;A.;Home Rion;B.;Pge Lyout Rion;C.;File T;D.;Quick ccess Toolr;90. Wht is the nme of the process of;finding nd correcting errors in worksheet?;A.;Restoring;B.;Deugging;C.;Repiring;D.;Servicing


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