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Question;91. Wht is the quick keyord commnd for;converting worksheet to formuls version;so tht ll worksheet formuls my e see on screen or printed?;A.;Ctrl + ? (ccent mrk);B.;Ctrl + ? (quottion);C.;lt + ? (ccent mrk);D.;Shift + ? (quottion);92. Which commnd on the Home Rion do you;use to rotte text to verticl or digonl ngle;in worksheet?;A.;Font;B.;Orienttion;C.;Wrp Text;D.;Merge & Center;93. Wht Home Rion group contins the commnd;used for quickly converting selected cells to tle y choosing tle style?;A.;Styles;B.;lignment;C.;Editing;D.;Font;94. Which commnd do you use to formt cell or selected cells quickly y choosing from;defined list of styles?;A.;Formt s Tle;B.;Cell Style;C.;Formt Cells;D.;Form;95. Which commnd on the Home Rion do you;use to formt row height nd column width, orgnize sheets, nd protect or hide;cells in worksheet?;A.;Cell Styles;B.;Form;C.;Sort & Filter;D.;Formt;96. Which group on the Home Rion contins;the commnd to continue pttern into one;or more djcent cells?;A.;Editing;B.;lignment;C.;Styles;D.;Cells;97. Wht group contins commnd to delete everything from cell or selectively remove content, formtting;or comments from cell?;A.;Editing;B.;lignment;C.;Styles;D.;Cells;98. Which commnd on the Home Rion do you;use to replce informtion in selected;cell with new informtion or new formtting?;A.;Font;B.;Formt Cell;C.;Cell Styles;D.;Find & Select;99. Which commnd on the Home Rion do you;use to orgnize dt in scending or descending order?;A.;Find & Select;B.;Formt Cell;C.;Sort & Filter;D.;Orgnize;100. Which commnd on the Home Rion do you;use to remove cells, rows, or columns from worksheet or tle?;A.;Delete;B.;Remove;C.;Formt;D.;Formt s Tle;101. Which dilog ox in Excel 2010 do you;use to set the rottion of text in cell to;specific degree?;A.;Orienttion;B.;Formt Cells;C.;Formt Text;D.;lignment;102. Which rion option opens relted dilog ox?;A.;Ellipse;B.;Drop-down rrow;C.;Luncher;D.;Slider;103. Which commnd on the uto Fill Options;dilog ox is the defult option?;A.;Copy Cells;B.;Fill Formtting Only;C.;Fill without Formtting;D.;Fill Series;104. Which commnd do you use to reduce the;mrgin etween the order nd the text in the cell?;A.;Orienttion;B.;Decrese Indent;C.;Column Width;D.;lignment;105. In Excel 2010, which plce is reserved;in the computer?s memory for the collection of text nd grphics tht my e psted;into new loction lter?;A.;Noteook;B.;Workook;C.;Clipord;D.;ClipSver;106. fter you pste n item into cell in worksheet, wht menu ppers?;A.;utoCorrect Options;B.;Pste Options;C.;Quick ccess Menu;D.;Shortcut Menu;107. Wht is the process of using the mouse;to move or copy cells clled?;A.;Click nd pste;B.;Drg nd move;C.;Drgging;D.;Drg nd drop;108. Wht messge does Excel disply to indicte;cell reference error?;A.;#REF!;B.;ERROR!;C.;#CELL!;D.;#NME?;109. Wht type of formul cell reference;instructs Excel 2010 to keep the cell reference constnt in the formul s it;copies it to the destintion re?;A.;Reltive;B.;Mixed;C.;solute;D.;Unconditionl;110. Which function do you use long with;logicl opertors such s ND, OR, nd NOT to mke decisions sed upon condition?;A.;Clen;B.;If;C.;Stipultion;D.;Wht-If;111. Wht feture of Excel 2010 keeps portion of worksheet visile while the other portion;scrolls?;A.;Zoom;B.;Select;C.;Freeze Pnes;D.;Rotte;112. Wht commnd do you use to increse or;decrese the size of selected cell or rnge;of cells to fill the Excel Window re for etter visiility?;A.;Mgnify re;B.;Enlrge Selected re;C.;mplify Rnge;D.;Zoom to Selection;113. Wht commnd will tile Excel 2010;windows nd ll other open progrm windows so tht they pper side y side on the;screen?;A.;Zoom to Selection;B.;New Window;C.;rrnge ll;D.;Freeze Pnes;114. Which commnd cretes new view of the current document in seprte window?;A.;Zoom to Selection;B.;New Window;C.;rrnge ll;D.;Freeze Pnes;115. Which commnd seprtes worksheet window into four individul pnes?;A.;rrnge ll;B.;Freeze Pnes;C.;New Window;D.;Split;116. Which group on the View Rion enles user to show or hide the ruler, gridlines;Formul r, or hedings?;A.;Workook views;B.;Show;C.;Zoom;D.;Window;117. Which commnd on the Pge Lyout Rion enles;user to specify the rows or columns to;repet on ech printed pge of the worksheet?;A.;Print re;B.;Mrgins;C.;Orienttion;D.;Print Titles;118. Which commnd on the Pge Lyout Rion enles;user to mrk the exct re of the worksheet;to print?;A.;Print re;B.;Mrgins;C.;Orienttion;D.;Print Titles;119. Which commnd on the Pge Lyout Rion enles;user to mrk where new pge will egin on the printed copy?;A.;Print re;B.;reks;C.;ckground;D.;Effects;120. Which commnd on the Pge Lyout Rion enles;user to choose n imge to disply ehind;the dt in worksheet?;A.;Print re;B.;reks;C.;ckground;D.;Effects


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