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Question;121. Which group on the Pge Lyout Rion contins;commnds used to orgnize ojects plced in the worksheet?;A.;Pge Setup;B.;Scle to Fit;C.;Sheet Options;D.;rrnge;122. Wht term refers to n Excel Chrt with;offset pieces?;A.;Exploded;B.;Shttered;C.;Seprted;D.;Detched;123. Wht two options re offered when user elects to move chrt?;A.;New Sheet or Delete Sheet;B.;New Sheet or Oject in;C.;New Sheet or New Workook;D.;New Workook or Oject in;124. Wht rion contins the commnds for creting;chrts in Excel 2010?;A.;Home;B.;Pge Lyout;C.;Insert;D.;Dt;125. y defult, how mny chrt types uttons re;offered in the Chrts group?;A.;Three;B.;Four;C.;Five;D.;Six;126. Which is tiny chrt tht provides visul representtion of dt in worksheet cell?;A.;Trendline;B.;Sprkline;C.;Dtline;D.;FlshPoint;127. Wht cn you use to esily filter pivot tles;nd cue functions interctively in worksheet?;A.;Slicer;B.;Cutter;C.;Division;D.;Sliver;128. Which Chrt Tools Rion t llows user to select from gllery of chrt styles?;A.;Style;B.;Design;C.;Lyout;D.;Formt;129. Which commnd on the Chrt Tools Rion do;you use to swp dt over the xis in chrt?;A.;Select Dt;B.;Swp Dt;C.;Switch Row/Column;D.;Switch Dt;130. Which Chrt Tools Rion t llows user to insert vrious lels on the chrt?;A.;Style;B.;Design;C.;Lyout;D.;Formt;131. Wht grphiclly represents chnges in dt series over time?;A.;Sprkline;B.;Trendline;C.;Chrtline;D.;Error r;132. Which is grphicl representtion used in sttisticl or;scientific dt to show the degree of uncertinty reltive to ech dt mrker in series?;A.;Sprkline;B.;Trendline;C.;Chrtline;D.;Error rs;133. Which Chrt Tools Rion t enles user to dd pictures, shpes, or textoxes to chrt re?;A.;Style;B.;Design;C.;Lyout;D.;Formt;134. Which Chrt Tools Rion t enles user to pply style to the selected chrt?;A.;Style;B.;Design;C.;Lyout;D.;Formt;135. Which dilog ox contins commnds to rotte;the chrt re on 3-D chrts?;A.;Formt Chrt re;B.;Chrt Styles;C.;Formt Dt Point;D.;Chrt Position;136. How would you move sheet ts to new position in the workook?;A.;Choose Move on the Home Rion;B.;Click nd drg the sheet t to the;new loction;C.;Choose Move on the Insert Rion;D.;Choose Relocte on the Quick ccess;Toolr;137. How do you move from one worksheet to nother;within the sme workook?;A.;Right-click nd choose the new;worksheet nme;B.;Open the new worksheet;C.;Click on the sheet t;D.;Ctrl + T to move to new worksheet;138. Wht commnd do you use to copy cell;formtting from one cell to nother in worksheet?;A.;Formt cell;B.;Formt Pinter;C.;Copy;D.;Cut;139. Which commnd on the Home Rion do you;use to pply order to selected cells?;A.;Underline;B.;Lines;C.;Drwing;D.;Formt Cells;140. Wht commnd do you use to pply ckground color to cells in worksheet?;A.;Drwing;B.;Fill Color;C.;orders & Shding;D.;Highlight;141. Wht commnd do you use to insert informtion;into worksheet tht will disply t the top;nd ottom edges of the printed pge?;A.;Mrgins;B.;Print titles;C.;Heder & Footer;D.;Pge Setup;142. Wht is the nme of the dilog ox tht;contins the commnds to center worksheet;on the pge oth verticlly nd horizontlly?;A.;Pge Setup;B.;Formt Cells;C.;Print Setup;D.;Formt Styles;143. How would user hide row or column from view without permnently;deleting the informtion?;A.;Choose the Dispper commnd on;the Shortcut menu;B.;Choose the Hide commnd on the;Quick ccess Toolr;C.;Choose the Show/Hide commnd on;the Home Rion;D.;Choose the Hide commnd on the;Shortcut menu;D;144. How is n exct copy of worksheet creted within the sme workook?;A.;While pointing to the sheet t;choose Copy from the Shortcut Menu;B.;Right-click the sheet t, then;choose Move or Copy from the Shortcut Menu;C.;While pointing to the Select ll;utton, choose Move or Copy from the Shortcut Menu;D.;Choose Move or Copy from the;Quick ccess Toolr;145. Which commnd on the Home Rion do you;use to temporrily hide specific vlues on worksheet sed on criterion?;A.;Find & Select;B.;Formt Cell;C.;Sort & Filter;D.;Orgnize;146. Which function do you use to insert;tody?s dte in worksheet so tht it utomticlly;updtes ech time the worksheet is opened?;A.;Tody;B.;Weekdy;C.;Dte;D.;CurrentDte;147. Which commnd do you use to remove mnul;pge reks from worksheet re?;A.;Select rek, press Delete on keyord;B.;Select Remove Pge rek from the reks;drop-down re;C.;Select rek, press ckspce on keyord;D.;Select rek, press Remove Pge rek;from Shortcut Menu;148. Wht is the nme of the technique of;entering numer once nd copying it so tht;it is entered in the sme cell on ll selected worksheets?;A.;Pushing;B.;Forcing through;C.;Drilling n entry;D.;Entry Demnd;149. Wht do you cll it when you reference;cells in other sheets in workook formul;using the sheet nme s the reference rther thn the cell ddress?;A.;Clling the Sheet;B.;Nme reference;C.;Sheet Nme;D.;Sheet Reference;150. Wht is rnge tht spns two or more sheets in workook?;A.;Wide rnge;B.;3-D rnge;C.;Workook rnge;D.;Sheet rnge


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