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CIS 105 WK 10 - Capstone Assignment On Your Own 22-1




Question;Note: On Your Own 22-1 can be located from pages 769 to 770 in the textbook or in CourseMateChapter 22, On Your Own Projects.The following are the minimal requirements to complete the Capstone Assignment.? Required course textbook? Microsoft Office Suite 2010 software or more recent? Windows Operating System: Windows XP or more recent is recommendedComplete the Capstone Assignment based on the following:1. Complete the On Your Own 22-1 project according to the project instructions and submit yourassignment through the online course shell. Note: It is important to note that some On Your Ownprojects request a printed or self-submitted document. Students completing this course onlineor in a physical classroom must submit the assignment through the online course shellregardless of the textbook submission instructions.2. Submit your assignment in the appropriate MS Office application(s) using the filename ?Lastname_First initial_OYO#.htm?. For example: if your name is Mary Smith the file for the On YourOwn project 22-1 should be saved as Smith_M_22-1.docx3. Include a footer, which indicates the date and your course section.4. Include a title page, which indicates your name, course section, professor name, and title of5. Write a short answer for the Capstone Assignment. Submit the written portion in the text boxlocated in the assignment submission link. In your written portion, you must respond to thefollowing:a. Summarize the technical experiences in completing the assignment in two to three (2-3)b. Identify the greatest skill learned in the assignment and how it will benefit you in the realworld in two to three (2-3) sentences.c. Provide general comments on the overall assignment experience in two to three (2-3)


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