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Question;iLab 4 of 7: Methods - (45 points)Note!(See the Syllabus section "Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" for due dates.)Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, please click here.Remember This!Connect to the iLab here.iLAB OVERVIEWScenario and SummaryYou will code, build, and execute a program that simulates the dialing of a phone using methods.DeliverablesSubmit the following to this week's Dropbox:A zipped Visual Studio project folder for each programming exercise. Refer to the Deliverables section of the Week 1 iLab page for detailed instructions on how to zip a project folder.A single MS Word file named YourLastName_Lab1_ex1.docx containing the following items:The source code for each program in the lab: Your source code should use proper indentation, include meaningful comments, and be error free. Start each with a specification that includes your name, the lab and exercise number, and a description of what the program accomplishes, similar to this:/* Specification:First Name Last NameLab 1 Exercise #This program does X */Labeled screenshot(s) of the output windows for each program, showing that each program produces correct resultsNOTE: A screenshot of a window can be created by first clicking on it to activate it. Next, press the key or key combination your specific computer uses to do a "print screen" (typically the Prnt Scrn or Prnt key in combination with the ctrl or FN key). Then, click the MS Word "paste" option to paste the screenshot into the MS Word file.Objectives and GradingLab Objectives:Distinguish between by value, by ref, and out parameter types.Call class methods using by value, by ref, and out parameters.Write your own class methods using by value, by ref, and out parameters.To be able to define and use global named constantsTo be able to debug a program of syntax and logic errorsTo be able to use the debug step-into feature to step through the logic of the program and to see how the variables change valuesYour lab grade will be based upon:the formatting of your source code,the use of meaningful identifiers,the extent of internal documentation, andthe degree to which an exercise's specifications are met.Preparation:If you are using the Citrix remote lab, follow the login instructions located in the iLab tab in Course Home.iLab StepsStep 1:Requirements - Phone Dialing ProgramYour mission: A prepaid phone service needs a program that converts alphanumeric keyboard input into a phone number. The user will input eight characters and the program will output either an error message or the translated seven-digit phone number. The input may contain digits, letters, or both. Letters can be uppercase or lowercase.The program will perform the conversion per a standard telephone keypad layout.05J K L16M N O2A B C7P Q R S3D E F8T U V4G H I9W X Y ZThe program implements the following methods.Main(): Declares seven character variables and passes these to the following methods by reference: ProcessInput(): gets user input and performs the conversion ShowResults(): displays the resultsGetInput(): Gets seven characters from the user and stores them into the seven variables Main() has passed by reference.ProcessInput(): Calls ToDigit() for each, passing each character variable by reference, and returns one of these codes to Main() by value: 0 if there were no input errors -1 if there were input errorsInput errors include the following:The first character is 0 (seven-digit phone numbers can't start with 0). The first three characters are "555" (no phone numbers start with 555). Any character is not a digit or an uppercase or lowercase letter.ToDigit(): Converts a character (passed by reference) to its corresponding digit per the table above, and returns one of these codes to ProcessInput() by value: 0 if the character is valid (a digit or uppercase or lowercase letter) -1 if the character is not validShowResults(): Writes converted telephone number to the screen, inserting a dash (-) between the third and fourth digits, and accepts the seven character variables from Main() by reference.Sample Output:Enter a 7 character phone number: 2132121The converted phone number is: 213-2121Enter a 7 character phone number: 2scdfERThe converted phone number is: 272-3337Enter a 7 character phone number: 555reswInvalid input, please try again.Enter a 7 character phone number: 0988765Invalid input, please try again.Enter a 7 character phone number: 12345678Invalid input, please try again.Enter a 7 character phone number: @34*uyInvalid input, please try again.TipsBest practice: Don't try to write too much at a time! First, write an outline in comments based on the requirements and the pseudocode. Then, implement declaring seven char variables. Make sure to fix any compiler errors before implementing more. Then, write and call an empty GetInput() method that accepts parameters, but does nothing but return a dummy value. Make sure you can pass the seven character variables by reference without compiler errors before implementing any of the GetInput() logic. Keep working incrementally like this, testing as you go. Set breakpoints and use the debugger at each phase to make sure your logic is working correctly. Then, use the same approach to implement the other methods. Test each phase with valid input before handling any invalid conditions.PseudocodeProcessInput() MethodGet 7 characters from the user and store them in the 7 variables that Main() has passed by referenceCall ToDigit() for each of the 7 charactersIf toDigit returns an error code (-1), return an error code (-1)If the first character is 0, return an error code (-1) to Main()If the first three characters are 555, return an error code (-1)If there are no errors, return 0ToDigit () MethodConvert the characters (passed from ProcessInput() by reference) to upper caseUse a switch statement to translate characters into their corresponding digits.Write a case statement for each digit and for each valid uppercase letterWrite a default case that returns an error code (-1) for invalid lettersIf there are no invalid letters, return 0ShowResults () MethodDisplay the Phone Number using the character variables Main() has passed by referenceMain() MethodDeclare 7 char variablesGet user input by calling the GetInput() method, passing it the 7 variables by referencePerform the conversion by calling the ProcessInput() method, passing it the 7 variables by referenceDisplay an error message or call ShowResults(), depending on the code ProcessInput() returnsEND OF LABFor instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these


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