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Question;1. Which of the following softwre progrms;is powerful spredsheet progrm tht llows;users to orgnize dt, complete clcultions, nd grph dt?;A.;Office 2010;B.;Windows;C.;Excel 2010;D.;Clc;2. Which of the following noteook- like fetures;orgnizes the sheets for use in Excel?;A.;Workook;B.;Worksheet;C.;Notepd;D.;Folder;3. Which of the following would you use to;enter, clculte, mnipulte, nd nlyze dt such s numers nd text in Excel?;A.;Workook;B.;Worksheet;C.;Notepd;D.;Folder;4. Wht is immeditely visile on screen when;you open Excel 2010?;A.;Crete new workook dilog ox;B.;Open workook dilog ox;C.;new workook;D.;The File pnel;5. Wht do you use to nvigte nd disply;different portions of worksheet in the;worksheet window?;A.;rrow keys;B.;Pge Up or Pge Down key;C.;Slider rs;D.;Scroll rs;6. Wht item t the ottom of n Excel;worksheet window presents informtion out the worksheet, the progress of current;tsks, nd controls for viewing the worksheet?;A.;Scroll r;B.;Nvigtion window;C.;Sttus r;D.;Title r;7. Wht is considered the control center in;Excel nd mny other Office progrms?;A.;Title r;B.;Rion;C.;Sttus r;D.;Menu;8. Which Microsoft Office oject would you;use for quick, convenient, one-click ccess to frequently used Excel commnds?;A.;Quick ccess Toolr;B.;Title r;C.;Sttus r;D.;Mini Toolr;9. Wht feture ws creted for users who;prefer to use the keyord rther thn the mouse, nd provides keyord code icons tht;my e used in conjunction with the LT key?;A.;Quick ccess Toolr;B.;ScreenTips;C.;Mini Toolr;D.;KeyTips;10. Wht is the nme of the list of;frequently used Excel commnds ville when user right-clicks n item in the worksheet?;A.;Mini Toolr;B.;Quick ccess Toolr;C.;Shortcut Menu;D.;Shortcut Toolr;11. Wht is the intersection of row nd column in worksheet clled?;A.;Cell;B.;Tle;C.;Cue;D.;lock;12. Wht occurs when the cursor is moved;over cell nd user clicks?;A.;The row is selected;B.;The cell is selected;C.;The column is selected;D.;The worksheet is selected;13. Wht do you use to plce worksheet;titles, column titles, nd row titles in worksheet?;A.;Dt;B.;Informtion;C.;Text;D.;Numers;14. When you enter text into cell, which Excel feture works ehind the;scenes to recognize nd correct common mistkes?;A.;utoChnge;B.;utoText;C.;Spelling & Grmmr Check;D.;utoCorrect;15. Which of the following do you use to;move one cell to the right in n Excel 2010 worksheet?;A.;Right rrow key;B.;Enter key;C.;Pge Up key;D.;Home key;16. Which of the following do you use to;move down one cell in n Excel 2010 worksheet?;A.;Right rrow key;B.;Enter key;C.;Pge Up key;D.;Home key;of the following cuses Excel 2010 to;recognize dt entered into cell s text rther;thn numer formt?;A.;Prentheses ();B.;Forwrd Slsh (/);C.;spce;D.;Percent sign (%);18. Wht is series of two or more djcent cells in column or row or rectngulr group of cells clled?;A.;Group;B.;rry;C.;Rnge;D.;Series;19. Wht function dds ll of the numers in rnge of cells?;A.;Clculte;B.;Sum;C.;Compute;D.;dd;20. In Excel 2010, which feture mkes n exct;replic of the cell dt nd formt while keeping the originl cell intct?;A.;Repet;B.;Move;C.;Cut;D.;Copy;21. In Excel 2010, wht is the nme of the;commnd tht reloctes cell?s dt nd its;formt, then clers the dt from the originl cell nd resets the originl cell's;formt to defult?;A.;Repet;B.;Move;C.;Cut;D.;Copy;22. Wht is the nme of the smll lck squre in;the lower-right corner of the hevy order of n ctive cell tht repets cell's vlue in djcent cells?;A.;Fill hndle;B.;Filler;C.;Copy hndle;D.;Copy ox;23. When copying vlues in Excel 2010, which;feture utomticlly djusts cell references for the new copy loction?;A.;solute reference;B.;Certin reference;C.;Vrile reference;D.;Reltive reference;24. Which commnd on the Home T displys the;totl of the selected cells directly fter the selected cells?;A.;Sum;B.;dd;C.;Totl;D.;Clculte;25. Wht is the nme of the on-screen commnd;tht ppers in worksheet when you copy one;rnge to nother rnge?;A.;Copy options;B.;uto fill options;C.;Reference options;D.;Cell options;26. Which commnd enles user to sve n existing worksheet with new nme or sve the worksheet in new loction?;A.;Close;B.;Sve;C.;Sve s;D.;Exit;27. Which commnd do you use to sve new worksheet in Excel 2010?;A.;Close;B.;Sve;C.;Sve s;D.;Exit;28. In Excel 2010, wht do you use to emphsize;certin entries nd mke the worksheet esier to red nd understnd?;A.;Formtting;B.;Printing;C.;rrnging;D.;Configuring;29. Which defines the ppernce nd shpe of;the letters, numers, nd specil chrcters in Excel 2010?;A.;Formt;B.;Font;C.;Size;D.;Effects;30. Which term indictes how chrcters in n;Excel 2010 worksheet re emphsized?;A.;Font size;B.;Cell style;C.;Font style;D.;lignment


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