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Question;Many professionals adhere to a code of ethics specific to their profession. Examine the Codes of Ethics of various IT Professional groups, such as the ACM, SANS, ISSP, etc. Write a 2 ? 3 page paper discussing whether an IT Professional would or should join a professional organization with a code of ethics.Your paper should address the following:Similarities and differences of several IT Professional organizations and their Codes of Ethics.Reasons why IT professionals may want to join an organization that has a Code of Ethics.Whether IT workers should be required to join one of these organizations to work in the industry.Your paper must follow these guidelines:Double-spaced12 point Times font1 inch marginsQuotes over 3 lines, Reference page, and title page do not count in page totalAt least 3 references used (textbook and two Internet resources)APA format (title page, citations, Reference page)Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation


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