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Question;(TCO 8) Which words belong in the blank to indicate that the;method PerformCalcs() returns an integer to the calling method, and that the;method has no restrictions on accessibility?;PerformCalcs();private static int;public static int;private static void;public static void;Comments;Question 2. Question;(TCO 7) Which is not a valid name for a method or function?;1mod;mod_1;MyMod;mod1;Comments;Question 3. Question;(TCO 8) The following method has _____ input parameter(s);and returns _____ to the calling method.;Public static int GetResult(int value1, double value2);2, an integer;2, no value;an integer, an integer;1, an integer;Comments;Question 4. Question;The following will return a value of type int;public static int CalcDiff(int price1, int price2);True;False;Comments;Question 5. Question;The following code is correct;int myInteger = getWidgets(int myWidgets);True;False;Comments;Question 6. Question;Overloaded methods;must share the same name and the parameters they accept must differ in number;and/or data type. They can return different data types.;True;False;Comments;Question 7. Question;Local variables can only be accessed by the method that;declares them. Global variables can be accessed by any method.;True;False;Comments;Question 8. Question;void means that the method has a return value.;True;False;Comments;Question 9. Question;In the code below, Math is a Class;Math.Sum();True;False;Comments;Question 10. Question;My mod is a valid method name;True;False;Comments


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