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Question;Question 1. Question;(TCO 9) A(n) _____ is a;notification from the _____ that an action has occurred, such as a mouse click;or a key press.;event, operating system;console application, operating system;GUI application, event;event, GUI application;Comments;Question 2. Question;(TCO 9) Although a;usually accepts text input from the user, it can also be used to display text.;ComboBox;Label;MessageBox;TextBox;Comments;Question 3. Question;(TCO 9) The first time a;programmer double-clicks on a TextBox object in Design Mode, the TextBox?s;default event handler method _____ is added to the code.;Click();Enter();Text();TextChanged();Comments;Question 4. Question;(TCO 9) Type _____ to append;?New Year?s Day? to an existing list of holidays in the ?listHolidays? ListBox;object at runtime.;listHolidays.Items.Add(?New Year?s Day?);listHolidays.Items.Append(?New Year?s Day?);listHolidays.Add(?New Year?s Day?);listHolidays.Append(?New Year?s Day?);Comments;Question 5. Question;(TCO 9) Which of the following;statements will retrieve the selected item of a ComboBox called ?cmboWines? and;place it in a string variable called ?str??;string str = cmboWines.SelectedItem;string str = cmboWines.Selection();string str = cmboWines.Text;string str = cmboWines.getText();Comments;Question 6. Question;A Button is also known as a;Form Control.;True;False;Comments;Question 7. Question;Form controls include Buttons;Needles, Labels, and Textboxes.;True;False;Comments;Question 8. Question;A Label object is normally;used to provide descriptive text or a label for another control.;True;False;Comments;Question 9. Question;Because it is the most common;event associated with a Form, the default event handler method for a Form;object is Load().;True;False;Comments;Question 10. Question;The Text property determines the;text that will appear on a Label when the Windows application starts running.;True;False;Comments


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