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Question;(TCO;13) Include the _____ namespace in your C# program to enable it to access files;and directories.;Student;Answer: System.IO;System.Collections.Generic;System;System.Text;Comments;Question 2. Question;(TCO 13) Before your C# program;attempts to open a file, it should first _____.;Student;Answer: call File.Open() to make sure;the file can be opened;call File.Exists() to make sure the file;exists;call File.Create() to create the file;call File.Close() to close the file in case it;was already open;Comments;Question 3. Question;(TCO 13) To make your C# program put a new file called;newFile.txt" in the current directory, write _____.;Student;Answer;File.Create("newFile.txt");File.CreateNew("newFile.txt");File myFile = new;File("newFile.txt");File myFile = new;FileStream("newFile.txt");Comments;Question 4. Question;(TCO 13) The following C# code;will print out _____.;DirectoryInfo dir = new;DirectoryInfo(".");foreach (FileInfo;fil in;dir.GetFiles("*.*"));Console.WriteLine(fil.Name);Student;Answer: the names of all objects in a;program;the names of the methods in a program;the names of all of the variables in a program;the names of all files in the current;directory;Comments;Question 5. Question;The GetCreationTime() method of;the File class returns a string containing the date and time a specified file;was created.;True;False;Comments;Question 6. Question;The StreamReader and StreamWriter;classes simplify the process of reading and writing to text files.;True;False;Comments;Question 7. Question;Because many runtime errors are;possible when accessing system resources such as files, it is not important to;catch and handle exceptions that may be thrown.;True;False;Comments;Question 8. Question;The Close() method of the;SystemWriter class causes any data in the buffer to be written to the file, and;releases any resources associated with the file, such as memory.;True;False;Comments


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