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Question;Before you begin this assignment, be sure you;1.;Read the ?UMUC;Haircuts Case Study Stage 1 & 2? & review ?Walmart Example.?;2.;Review Instructor;feedback from previous submissions.;Overview;of IT Considerations for Proposed Technology Solution for UMUC Hair Cuts;For your Stage Case;Study1, you identified a strategy for competitive advantage anda business;process that you would improve through the application of technology to a;business process for UMUC Haircuts.;For your Stage 2, you identified a proposed IT solution to improve that business process. Your research included planning for IT and;business resources, identifying solution;components, and identifying ways the;new technology would improve the;business process and support the;strategy for competitive analysis. Modeling the AS IS and TO BE Processes;helped identify the steps in the business process you are improving for UMUC;Haircuts.;In Stage 3, you will evaluate IT considerations as to their role and importance to the proposed IT solution to be implemented;to improve the business process for UMUC Haircuts. In;evaluating and implementing an IT proposal, there are several areas that need;to be considered. These considerations;are listed in the table provided in this assignment. Depending on the specific technology solution;you proposed, some of the considerations would be more important than others;and some may not need specific consideration for the initial implementation of;your proposed solution.;Resources;Stage One;Notes: Strategy for Competitive Advantage;Business;Process to Improve;Stage Two;Notes: Technology;Solution Proposed;Components Identified;Support;for Competitive Advantage Identified.;Analysis of Considerations;?;Consideration;The areas for your consideration are listed in the table. Be sure to research each term to ensure;understanding as to how it would apply to the technology solution you are;proposing for UMUC Haircuts.;?;Rankings: High/Medium/Low Importance or Relevance or Not Applicable (N/A): You will rank each consideration as to how important;or relevant it is to the technology solution you are proposing as High, Medium;or Low, or Not Applicable to your solution.;?;Explanation of Ranking: Using the definition of the term you;researched and the ranking you selected, give an explanation and tell how this;consideration applies to UMUC Haircuts and the technology solution you are;proposing. All considerations must be;ranked and a thorough explanation that demonstrates understanding of the topic must;be provided. Please note that even N/A;items require an explanation. A;minimum of two good sentences should be used for the explanation.;The;responses that you enter into the table for each area of consideration must be;aligned to the one specific solution you proposed and appropriate to the UMUC;Haircuts business. If a consideration is;not relevant for the solution as described or for its implementation, but might;be something for the future, mark it ?N/A?.;If for instance cloud computing is not in the solution being;implemented, but may be considered in the future it would be N/A and not;required for the solution. Remember to;provide an explanation for every item under consideration.;Do not;try to create a reason if there is none, but carefully analyze each area of consideration;and determine whether it applies and how.;Explanations must provide enough information to convey the reasoning;behind the ranking. DO NOTcopy definitions into the table, your own words should;demonstrate your understanding of the concept as you provide your explanation;for the ranking.;Example: If the technology;solution being proposed was to have a kiosk for customers to use to pay for;their haircuts or salon visits, then for the Consideration of Usability, the;following might be entered. (The;definition of Usability is provided here for clarification. Definitions are not required to be entered;into the table above.) Note the;thorough explanation of the ranking.;Consideration;High/Medium/LowImportance or Relevance or Not Applicable (N/A);Explanation;for Ranking;Usability;[?how effectively end users can use, learn, or;control the system? from The 7 Software ?-ilities? You Need to Know];Medium;Since the customers;will use the kiosk to make their payments, it must be easy to understand and;easy to use. If it is too complicated;customers will not use it. It is;ranked ?Medium? because it is important for any customer who chooses to use;the kiosk to be able to do so quickly, easily and intuitively. However, it is not ?High? since there are;other methods of paying.;Course Resources (for Weeks 1-5);Where to find the definitions of Considerations;Usability;The 7 Software ?-ilities? You Need to Know (Week3);Maintainability;The 7 Software ?-ilities? You Need to Know (Week 3);Scalability;The 7 Software ?-ilities? You Need to Know (Week 3);Reliability/Availability;The 7;Software ?-ilities? You Need to Know (Week 3);Extensibility;The 7 Software ?-ilities? You Need to Know (Week 3);Portability;The 7 Software ?-ilities? You Need to Know (Week 3);Security;The 7 Software ?-ilities? You Need to Know (Week 3);Information Quality;High Quality;Information, Chapter 1, Section 1.2 (Week 1);Authentication;Chapter 5, Section 5.4;(Week 4);Business Continuity Plan;Chapter 5, Section 5.7 (Week 4);Cloud Computing;Chapter 2, Section 2.4 (Week 3);Enterprise Systems (ERP, CRM, SCM);Chapter 10(Week 5);Networks;Chapter 4 (Week 3);Database, Data Warehouse, Data Mining;Chapter 3 (Week 4);Business Intelligence;Chapter 3 (Week 4);Transaction Processing;Chapter 2 (Week 3);Decision Support;Chapter 2 (Week 3);Executive Information;Chapter 2 (Week 3);Business-to-Business eCommerce;Chapter 6 (Week 2);Business-to-Consumer eCommerce;Chapter 6 (Week 2);Assignment;UMUC Haircuts Stage 3: Create a document;that includes;I.;Introduction;At the top of your paper, show the strategy for;competitive advantage that you will focus on and the business process you will;improve, using the following format;Strategy for Competitive Advantage: xxxxxxx (just name the strategy);Business Process to Improve: xxxxxxxxx (just name the process);In one brief paragraph;?;State your proposed IT solution.;?;Explain how the IT solution it will improve the;business process;?;State how it supports the strategy for competitive;advantage.;?;Provide an introduction to the Table of IT;Considerations.;II.;Table of IT Considerations;?;Copy the table below into your paper;?;Rank each consideration as High, Medium or Low in;Importance/Relevance or Not Applicable to the proposed technology solution;?;Explain each ranking, as described in the table;including explanations for N/A as well;?;Explanations of the Considerations are listed in Course;Resources table above.;Consideration;Importance/Relevance;High;Medium;Lowor Not Applicable (N/A);Explanation for Ranking;(minimum 2 good sentences for each;linked to your specific technology solution proposed ? be sure to mention your solution and the;Case Study);1;Usability;2;Maintainability;3;Scalability;4;Reliability/;Availability;5;Extensibility;6;Portability;7;Security;8;Information Quality;9;Authentication;10;Business Continuity Plan;11;Cloud Computing;12;Enterprise Systems (ERP, CRM, SCM);13;Communications;14;Database, Data Warehouse, Data Mining;15;Business Intelligence;16;Transaction Processing;17;Decision Support;18;Executive Information;19;Business-to-Business eCommerce;20;Business-to-Consumer eCommerce;Additional Instructions;Formatting: Stage Three IT Considerations submission.;For academic writing, the writer is;expected to write in the third person. In third person, the writer avoids the;pronouns I, we, my, and our. The third person is used to make the writing more;objective by taking the individual, the ?self,? out of the writing. This method;is very helpful for academic writing, a form in which facts, not opinion, drive;the tone of the text. Writing in the third person allows the writer to come;across as unbiased and thus more informed.;?;Submit one document that includes your paper and the Table of;Considerations.;?;Write a short concise paper that is double spaced (Table can be single;spaced);?;Use APA formatted citations and references for any external sources used.;?;Include a title page and a reference page, if references are included.;?;Compare your final work to the rubric to be sure you have met content and;quality criteria.;?;Submit your paper as a Word document, or a document that can be read in;Word.;?;Your submission should include your last name first in the filename: Lastname_firstname_Stage _3;GRADING;RUBRIC;ISFM-300 Case;Study, Stage 3 Rubric: IT;Considerations;Criteria;90-100%;Far Above Standards;80-89%;Above Standards;70-79%;Meets Standards;60-69%;Below Standards;< 60%;Well Below Standards;Possible Points;Explanation of Proposed Solution;9-10 Points;Explanation uses course vocabulary and concepts to clearly;identify what the IT solution is, what it is expected to do for the business;in the case study, it is appropriate for a specific business process, and;sets the stage well for the rankings.;A well-written introduction to the Table of Considerations is;provided.;8 Points;Explanation uses course;vocabulary and concepts to clearly identify what the IT solution is, it is;appropriate for a specific business process, and appropriately sets the stage;for the rankings. A good introduction;to the Table of Considera-tions is provided.;7 Points;Explanation describes the IT solution and it is appropriate;for a specific business process, an introduction to the Table of Considera-tions;is provided, minimal use of course vocabulary and concepts.;6 Points;Explanation of solution does not clearly explain what it is;expected to do for the business in the case study, is not a technical;solution for a specific process, is;not adequate to set stage for rankings, and/or introduction to Table of;Considera-tions is missing.;0-5 Points;No explanation provided, or very poor explanation of proposed;solution provided, and/or solution described is not a technical solution;and/or little effort demonstrated;10;High/;Medium/;Low or N/A Rankings;36-40 Points;Rankings all demonstrate a strong understanding of course;concepts, analysis and critical thinking, and are appropriate for the;business in the case study and the proposed solution.;32-35 Points;Most rankings demonstrate an understand-ing of course;concepts, analysis and critical thinking, and are appropriate for the;business in the case study and the proposed solution.;28-31 Points;Rankings;are designated and demonstrate a basic understand-ing of course concepts or;analysis.;24-27 Points;Rankings;are provided but selection may be lacking in demonstra-tion of understand-ing;of course concepts or analysis.;0-23 Points;Few;if any rankings provided or rankings are not appropriate for the solution;and/or the case study.;40;Explanation for Rankings;36-40 Points;Explanations;are at least two good sentences which use course vocabulary to justify;rankings and demonstrate a strong understanding of course concepts, analysis;and critical thinking, and are focused on the business in the case study and;the proposed solution.;32-35 Points;Explanations are at least two good sentences which use course;vocabulary to justify most rankings and demonstrate an understand-ing of;course concepts, analysis, and critical thinking, and are focused on the;business in the case study and the proposed solution.;28-31 Points;Explanations;are at least two good sentences that justify rankings.;24-27 Points;Some;explanations are less than two good sentences, and/or do not adequately;justify rankings, may be lacking in the use of course vocabulary and demonstra-tion of understand-ing;of course concepts, analysis, and/or critical thinking, or are not focused on;the business in the case study.;0-23 Points;Few, if any explanations provided, are not compatible with;rankings, or little effort demonstrated.;40;Table Format;9-10 Points;Information;is professionally presented, is written in third person and uses course;vocabulary, correct sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.;8 Points;Information;is presented well, uses correct sentence structure, written in third person, and;has few grammar, and spelling errors.;7 Points;Information;is presented with some grammar and/or spelling errors.;6 Points;Information;is not profession-ally presented, and/or contains several grammar and/or;spelling errors.;0-5 Points;Information;is extremely poorly written, has many grammar and/or spelling errors, and/or;does not convey the information adequately.;10;TOTAL Points;Possible;100


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