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Question;First Study;Exam - Attempt 1;1;Score: 1;Adding a site;to the Favorites Center in Internet Explorer;Choose one;answer.;a. keeps the site permanently listed in the;History pane.;b. causes the site to be displayed every;time you open Internet Explorer.;c. allows you to jump quickly to the site;without having to type in the URL.;d. saves the user name and password you use;at the site.;2;Score: 1;On a window's;Title bar, what does the button with the underscore symbol do?;Choose one;answer.;a. restores the window;b. closes the window;c. minimizes the window to a button on the;Taskbar;d. maximizes the window;3;Score: 1;In this dialog;box component, only one option can be selected at a time, and the selected;option is indicated by a dark or colored circle.;Choose one;answer.;a. option button;b. slider;c. list box;d. command button;4;Score: 1;Which of the;following storage devices contains no moving parts and connects directly to a;USB port?;Choose one;answer.;a. DVD;b. flash drive;c. CD;d. hard drive;5;Score: 1;Where is the;Internet Explorer icon located?;Choose one;answer.;a. on the left side of the Title bar;b. just above the toolbar;c. to the immediate right of the Address;bar;d. at the left side of the Windows Taskbar;6;Score: 1;Which of the;following is an example of a money management software application?;Choose one;answer.;a. Quicken;b. SmartDraw;c. Lotus Notes;d. StartSmart;7;Score: 1;What does URL;stand for?;Choose one;answer.;a. Uniform Resource Locator;b. Universal Resolution Layer;c. Uniform Relay Launcher;d. United Resource Layer;8;Score: 1;One method for;searching for information is to type a keyword or phrase related to your search;in this location and then press Enter.;Choose one answer.;a. Address bar.;b. Title bar.;c. toolbar.;d. Navigation bar.;9;Score: 1;What does the;History pane display?;Choose one;answer.;a. a list of history-related websites;b. a list of favorite websites;c. recently visited sites;d. the times and dates when Internet;Explorer was opened;10;Score: 1;The button on;the Internet Explorer Navigation bar that will display the previous web page;contains this image.;Choose one;answer.;a. a star;b. a left-pointing arrow;c. a lowercase e;d. an uppercase X;11;Score: 1;When you open a;program, a defined work area, referred to as a ____, appears on the screen.;Choose one;answer.;a. window;b. dialog box;c. taskbar;d. menu bar;12;Score: 1;Which portion;of the Internet Explorer window contains buttons titled Page and Safety?;Choose one;answer.;a. toolbar;b. Status bar;c. search box;d. Favorites bar;13;Score: 1;software;was originally designed as a replacement for the typewriter.;Choose one;answer.;a. Spreadsheet;b. Presentation;c. Word processing;d. Collaboration;14;Score: 1;Options for;logging off or turning off the computer are located on the;Choose one;answer.;a. desktop.;b. Taskbar.;c. Start screen.;d. Charm bar.;15;Score: 1;Which of the;following is an example of presentation software?;Choose one;answer.;a. PowerPoint;b. SharePoint;c. Excel;d. Access;16;Score: 1;Where in the;Internet Explorer window will you find the Status bar?;Choose one;answer.;a. at the top;b. at the bottom;c. along the left edge;d. along the right edge;17;Score: 1;An image, icon;or underlined text that can be clicked to display a web page is referred to as;a(n);Choose one;answer.;a. server.;b. hyperlink.;c. browser.;d. engine.;18;Score: 1;Choose the;correct term, command or option.;Bing is the;default search engine in Internet Explorer. List two other search engines.;Click this;button on the Internet Explorer toolbar to display the previous web page.;The letters URL;stand for this.;Reduce the;number of search results by looking for these options at the search engine's;website.;Download an;image from a website to a file on your computer by right-clicking the image and;selecting this option at the shortcut menu.;Type a URL in;this bar at the Internet Explorer window.;19;Score: 1;The mouse;pointer displays a moving circle icon beside it when;Choose one;answer.;a. text is being entered.;b. the mouse is pointed at a hyperlink.;c. a request is being processed or a;program is being loaded.;d. a picture or image is being moved.;20;Score: 1;Choose the;correct term, command or option.;Click the time;located at the right side of the Taskbar and then click this option to open the;Date and Time dialog box.;Click this;button on a window Title bar to reduce the window to a task button on the;Taskbar.;Windows Help;and Support is accessed from this screen.;Click this;button on a window Title bar to expand the window so it fills the entire;screen.;This is the;name of a bar that you can display on the desktop for quick access to a variety;of Windows 8 features.;This mouse term;refers to tapping the left mouse button twice in quick succession.;21;Score: 1;Instead of a;mouse, some ____ computers use a ____ as a pointing device.;Choose one answer.;a. desktop, scanner;b. laptop, bar code reader;c. desktop, digitizing pen;d. laptop, touch pad;22;Score: 1;The top part of;a window, where you will generally find buttons for closing, minimizing;maximizing, and restoring the window, is referred to as the;Choose one;answer.;a. Recycle bin.;b. Menu bar.;c. Title bar.;d. Toolbox.;23;Score: 1;The results;returned by a search engine are often referred to as;Choose one;answer.;a. topics.;b. bites.;c. books.;d. hits.;24;Score: 1;The pointer;identifies your location on the screen. What device controls the pointer?;Choose one;answer.;a. icon;b. hard drive;c. mouse;d. cursor;25;Score: 1;Which of the;following operating systems is not a Microsoft product?;Choose one;answer.;a. Mac OS;b. Vista;c. Windows 7;d. DOS;26;Score: 1;Which of the;following pair of devices would be considered soft copy output devices?;Choose one;answer.;a. monitors and scanners;b. printers and scanners;c. monitors and speakers;d. speakers and printers;27;Score: 1;Choose the;correct term, command or option.;What type of;port allows up to 127 hardware devices to be connected to the computer host at;480 Mbps?;Besides the;keyboard, mouse, and storage devices, list five devices that can be used to;enter information into a computer.;What type of;software can be copied freely and has no license agreement?;Which storage;device has no motor or other moving parts?;What are the;four segments of the information processing cycle?;What term describes;the act of illegally sharing a software application with someone else?;What is the;technical name for the volatile computer workspace that is erased whenever the;power is turned off?;What part of;the computer handles the tasks of calculating formulas and editing documents?;What two terms;describe the ?data requester? and ?data provider? in a LAN?;What is the;name of the connector used on a network cable?;What protocol;and application can you use if you need to transfer a file that is too large to;email?;What advantage;do dual-core and quad-core processors have over single-core processors?;List at least;three types of malware.;What is the;basic protocol that allows all computers on the Internet to interact?;What is the;basic purpose for a computer network?;28;Score: 1;Etiquette;refers to the rules that;Choose one;answer.;a. define morality.;b. govern secure financial transactions on;HTTPS.;c. govern courteous behavior.;d. govern data transmission on LANs.;29;Score: 1;Which of the;following types of malware is usually not destructive, but can slow down your;processor and Internet access?;Choose one;answer.;a. virus;b. adware;c. Trojan horse;d. worm;30;Score: 1;You press and;hold down the left mouse button, move the mouse pointer to a location, and then;release the mouse button. Which of the following terms refers to this mouse;action?;Choose one;answer.;a. double-click;b. drag;c. click;d. point;31;Score: 1;Which of the;following statements correctly describes the relationship between the World;Wide Web and the Internet?;Choose one;answer.;a. The Web and the Internet describe the;same entity and can be used interchangeably.;b. The Web is the portion of the Internet;that deals with graphics, audio, and video, the rest of the Internet is;text-only.;c. The Internet is a small portion of the;Web.;d. The Web is only a part of the Internet;although it is a very large part.;32;Score: 1;A program used;to access and display web pages is called a(n);Choose one;answer.;a. search engine.;b. operating system.;c. web browser.;d. Internet Service Provider.;33;Score: 1;To use a;hyperlink, position the mouse pointer on a hyperlink until the mouse pointer;turns into a(n) _____ and then click the left mouse button.;Choose one;answer.;a. crosshair;b. arrow pointing up and to the right;c. arrow pointing up and to the left;d. hand;34;Score: 1;McAfee and;Symantec are companies that produce ____ software.;Choose one;answer.;a. word processing;b. database;c. collaboration;d. antivirus;35;Score: 1;You want to;change the width and height of a window at the same time. Begin by positioning;the mouse pointer;Choose one;answer.;a. in the center of the window.;b. at the top or bottom border of the;window.;c. at one of the corners of the window.;d. in the middle of the Title bar.;36;Score: 1;The Address bar;of the Internet Explorer window displays;Choose one;answer.;a. Minimize, Restore, and Close buttons.;b. menu options.;c. a URL.;d. search options.;37;Score: 1;Which of the;following protocols encrypts data before sending it over the Web?;Choose one;answer.;a. TCP/IP;b. SMTP;c. HTTPS;d. HTTP;38;Score: 1;A _____ search;engine sends your web search phrase to other search engines and then compiles;the results into one list.;Choose one;answer.;a. reference;b. metasearch;c. supersearch;d. referral;39;Score: 1;In a local area;network (LAN), how is a router different from a switch?;Choose one;answer.;a. A switch can transmit data to the;Internet, while a router cannot.;b. A router only transmits data through;physical cables, while a switch transmits data only over a wireless connection.;c. A router transmits data exclusively from;the server to the client, while a switch transmits data exclusively from the;client to the server.;d. A switch transmits data locally, while a;router can pass data from one LAN to another.;40;Score: 1;This component;of a dialog box is used for typing or editing text.;Choose one;answer.;a. text box;b. slider;c. tabs;d. scroll bar;41;Score: 1;One of the;rules of email etiquette advises against using ____ letters.;Choose one;answer.;a. italicized;b. all capital;c. underlined;d. boldfaced;42;Score: 1;To save an;image from a web page as a separate file, begin by;Choose one;answer.;a. clicking the Print button on the;Internet Explorer toolbar.;b. clicking the image.;c. right-clicking the image.;d. double-clicking the image.;43;Score: 1;Which type of;dialog box component often represents volume control?;Choose one;answer.;a. slider;b. check boxes;c. text box;d. option buttons;44;Score: 1;The keyboard;shortcut for displaying the Favorites Center is;Choose one;answer.;a. Ctrl + P.;b. Alt + C.;c. Alt + D.;d. Alt + F4.;45;Score: 1;Which of the;following acronyms describes the technology used in newer, flat screen computer;monitors?;Choose one;answer.;a. CRT;b. AMD;c. CPU;d. LCD;46;Score: 1;A network in;which each computer is both a data requester and a data provider is called a;network.;Choose one;answer.;a. peer-to-peer;b. social;c. client/server;d. wide area;47;Score: 1;Which of these;questions is not typically considered when evaluating web content?;Choose one;answer.;a. Is the author associated with a;recognizable news organization?;b. Is the information potentially;one-sided?;c. Is the content outdated?;d. Is the website well-known?;48;Score: 1;Copyright laws;protect ____ of the information on the Internet.;Choose one;answer.;a. much;b. none;c. very little;d. all;49;Score: 1;A ____ is a;pointing device used for issuing commands and selecting text or files for;processing.;Choose one;answer.;a. scanner;b. bar code reader;c. keyboard;d. mouse;50;Score: 1;Which of the;following protocols is used specifically for transmitting email?;Choose one;answer.;a. HTTP;b. TCP/IP;c. SMTP;d. FTP


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