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week 7 course project CIS 363A




Question;Milestone 7?Week 7: User Testing and Validation;Back to Top;Visit;to locate tools to check for accessibility. There are some free online;tools listed there, such as EvalAccess, which you can use to check;your HTML code. Check your site and make any necessary corrections in;your code. Conduct a user test with at least two people (spouses and;kids are fine to use as testers). In addition to observing them using;your site, have them fill out the form you created in Week 5.;Take a screenshot of the completed form, or use the form to use the;action="mailto:your_email_address" attribute to collect the user;feedback.;Create a short report (one page or less) detailing the results of the;testing, including user suggestions and your response to those;suggestions (whether you feel they are valid and whether they can be;accommodated). Compare the user responses to your expectations of the;user working with your site.;Upon completion, name your single, MS Word document as lastname_CIS363A_projectWk7.;Grading Rubrics;Category;Points;%;Description;XHTML validation;8;27;No or minimal validation errors are present.;Accessibility standards;8;27;No or minimal accessibility errors are present.;User tests (2);8;26;Two tests were performed.;Testing results;6;20;Dynamics are functional in multiple browsers.;Total;30;100;A quality project will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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