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Virtual Environment




Question;1.What are the;advantages/disadvantages to setting up an operating in a virtual environment as;opposed to having the operating system in a standalone environment?;2.You will be required to set up and;have available a Linux-based environment to perform your work. Set up a working;Linux environment of your choosing. You can choose anyone of the following;options:Virtual machines;VM Ware;VMWare Workstation;VMWare Player;VMWare Fusion;Virtual Box;Running Virtual Appliance version of UNIX;ISO: Download and burn an ISO to a CD, and boot your machine using the CD;Ubuntu;Knoppix;Fedora;Many others exist as well.As you choose your Linux distribution, take this;opportunity to sell others on your selection.Pick and install 1 Linux;distribution.;Describe the following to the team;Why did you choose the specific distribution?;What are the features and system requirements that make it your ideal choice?;What are the licensing details of your specific choice?;Are there any installation issues you encountered during the;setup/installation?;Also, take this opportunity to describe your preference for each of the;following elements:Shell;GUI


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