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Question;Heartland Web Based Solutions is a;public company based in Des Moines, Iowa and is focused on providing digital;media web sites to athletic teams throughout the Mid-West, giving them the;ability to broadcast live sporting events and on-demand replays.;They have a solid reputation and are starting to get some national and;worldwide attention, with new perspective companies wanting to take advantage;of the quality services they have see on other existing web sites. Your company;has been hired on to assist Heartland Web Based Solutions (HWBS) to help control operating costs and ensure;consistency with the development and deployment of the web based offerings. You;have been tasks to take a look at the current setup and determine the steps;needed to convert the current production environment to a Linux based environment. As the assignment;progresses, you will be tasks with analyzing and suggesting an appropriate;Linux environment for HWBS to utilize and to automate several tasks to ensure;the operating system stability.;It is clear that the HWBS administration staff is a junior staff that has mostly;focused on Windows servers. They are concerned that the tasks that they will;need to learn will cause a tremendous amount of unneeded stress. Describe to;the staff the tasks that;a Linux administrator performs. Take this opportunity to describe the classes;of administrative tasks and how they apply to the Linux environment. Adhere to;MLA formatting and reference guidelines.


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