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Week 6 CIS 363A course project




Question;Milestone 6?Week 6: Implement Dynamic Site Content Using JavaScript;Back to Top;Use the knowledge gained in this week's lecture and iLab to implement;dynamic content to a page in your site. Use JavaScript features to;perform such things as basic calculations, image rollovers, user;prompts, and alerts.;Upon completion of this step, use the publishing feature of Dreamweaver to upload your site to the web server.;Grading Rubrics;Category;Points;%;Description;JavaScript is functional.;12;27;Dynamic output is visible.;JavaScript functions are used.;11;25;At least one user written function is used.;Dynamic content is appropriate.;11;24;Dynamics match site theme.;JavaScript functions in multiple browsers.;11;24;Dynamics are functional in multiple browsers.;Total;45;100;A quality project will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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