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CMIT 321 Executive Proposal Project




Question;The purpose of this project is to;evaluate the student?s ability to research and evaluate security testing;software and present a proposal for review by executive team members. By;completing the document the student will also gain practical knowledge of the;security evaluation documentation and proposal writing process. The project;will enable the student to identify and understand the required standards in;practice, as well as the details that should be covered within a proposal.;Project Deliverable;?;Using the Case Study presented in;this document, to complete an executive proposal.;?;Provide a three to five page proposal;summarizing purpose and benefit of chosen security software to the executive;management team.;?;The student will evaluate and test;security testing software for purposes of testing corporate network security.;The purpose of the software is to measure the security posture of the;organization by identifying vulnerabilities and help prevent future attacks and;deter any real-time unknown threats.;?;The proposal should effectively;describe the software in a manner that will allow the executive team members to;understand the purpose and benefits of the software to approve purchase.;Guidelines;?;Evaluate and select a security tool;for recommendation that you learned about in the iLabs modules or the;EC-Council text books.;?;The proposal document must be 3 to 5;pages long, conforming to APA standards. See "Writing Guideline" in;WebTycho where you'll find help on writing for research projects.;?;At least three authoritative;outside references are required (anonymous authors or web pages are not;acceptable). These should be listed on the last page titled;References.;?;Appropriate citations are required.;See the syllabus regarding plagiarism policies.;?;This will be graded on quality of;research topic, quality of paper information, use of citations, grammar and;sentence structure, and creativity.;?;The paper is due during Week 7 of;this course.;Project Description;The purpose of project is to write an;executive proposal for a fictitious company called Advanced Research. The goal;of the proposal is to persuade the executive management team to approve;purchase of security testing software that can benefit the company?s corporate;network security by testing and identifying vulnerabilities before they are;exploited by hackers. The proposal must include a detailed description of the;software, its purpose and benefits.;Suggested Approach;Research a security testing;software tool that you practiced using in the EC-Council iLabs or from the;textbook.Determine whether the tool;would be beneficial in testing the security of a corporate network.Use the vendor?s website to;collect necessary information about the tool to be able to explain its;purpose and benefit.Include 3rd party;endorsements and case studies about the tool.Integrate the information from;your own experience with the tool into your proposal. This may include;results from the iLab exercises or your own test lab.;Company Description;Advanced;Research Corporation;Advanced Research is a startup medical research and development;company. After five years of extraordinary success in the development of;innovative medical and pharmaceutical products, Advanced Research is on its way;to becoming a major player in the medical research and development industry.;However, due to its success, Advanced Research has also become a major target;of cybercriminals. Advanced Research has been the victim of cybercriminal;attempts to steal intellectual property and sell it to Advanced Research?s;competitors. It is suspected that the corporate network has been infiltrated;from unauthorized sources more than once. In 2011, Advanced Research was;falsely accused of unethical research and development practices. The false;allegations resulted in the defacement of Advanced Research?s public website;and several Denial of Service attacks at different times over a 9 month period;that brought the corporate network to its knees. These attacks had a major;impact on Advanced Research?s ability to conduct business and resulted in;undesirable publicity for the company.;Regardless;of its security problems,Advanced Research has continued to grow as a company.;Itsresearch;and development departments have grown over the years, due to the expansion of;the company, in proportion to the increase in its business making up over 40%;of the human resources. Advanced Research?s innovative research and development;information is paramount to its continued success as a company. Although, no;known attacks have occurred in last 18 months, the security of its network and;intellectual property is still a major concern for the company. Because Advanced;Research is a still fairly young company, management has been hesitant to;budget for expensive security projects. However, this point of view is;beginning to change. Particularly, because one of Advanced Research?s competitors;a major player in the medical research and development


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