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hi sir ... hope u r doing well . I have 2 question...




hi sir ... hope u r doing well . I have 2 questions and I have the answers for both questions i just want you to use your own words and change what u think is not appropriate . see the attachment you find the questions and next message will have the answers . thanks,Hi the questions are exercise 6 and 7 .... Please see the attachment it includes the Answers for both questions ...,Hi Sir ... hope u r doing well .... i just have some comments on the solution ..... I have sent you the answers for both questions .. And I attached again .... For Ex 6 . He asked about writing memo on the problem .. Please try to write a memo ... And try to make it long .... I meant you can keep what u wrote and write more .. EX 7 - He asked to complete 5 steps ... And also please write memo See the attachment you will find the answer for both Questions .. please try to do it as soon as possible Thanks,Sir Please consider the time .,Thanks,hi sair ,,,,, My assignment will due after 14 hours ... I gave you the answer for my assignment ... Please try to write a memo and follow the question for ex 7 thanks,Good morning Sir, I am waiting your clarification on the assignment .... You just need to write a memo on Ex 6 and 7 ... And need to do ex 7 as steps ... you will find the answer on the file i sent you .... I attached a memo sample from the past hw .. please chek it and try your best to do it so well as usual . We do not have time .. it is due after 7 hours .. I need to review it . Thanks,you did not write a memo ... pls try to write a memo for both questions .. i sent u a sample for a memo .... And please try to see it below We have 5 hours more ... i hope u have time to do it if not that mean the assignment is worthless ... TO : from : Date : Issue : Per your request, I am providing you with the results of my research regarding the two issues that were raised in our last meeting on ,,,,,,,Thank you so much ... it is really so good .. God bless u


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