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Week 5 CIS 363A course project




Question;Milestone 5?Week 5: Implement Site Content and a User Feedback Form With Client-Side Validation;Back to Top;Use the knowledge gained in this week's lecture and iLab to create a;user feedback form. Include all necessary controls (text boxes, radio;buttons, check boxes, text areas, dropdown lists, and buttons) to allow;the user to effectively evaluate your site for usability;accessibility, and navigation. This form will be used in Week 7 to;evaluate your site. Also, include client-side validation on key fields;in the form. Use the form action="mailto:your_email_address" attribute;to collect the user feedback.;Move all site and page level styles to an external CSS file.;Grading Rubrics;Category;Points;%;Description;Form layout using layout;8;17;Form using table structure;All required tags available;8;17;As per milestone spec;Required site evaluation options present;8;17;As per milestone spec;Buttons (submit/reset) and form "action" attribute functional;7;17;Submit sends e-mail, Reset clears form;External CSS file;7;16;Site managed by an external CSS file;Client-side validation functional;7;16;Appropriate controls validated;Total;45;100;A quality project will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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