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Question;Project Description;Carry out a security self-assessment of an;organization using the NIST Special Publication 800-26 as a;guide. This may be your current or previous;employer or your own organization. You must seek;permission from the individual responsible for the;information security of that organization.;The SP 800-26 document is a self-assessment guide;to assess the IT system of an organization. This;document is no longer available from NIST but it;is contained in Appendix A at the end of the textbook;starting at page 505. You may use this appendix as;a guide. I recommend that you use primary areas;such as Management controls, Operational controls;Technical controls, etc., as a guide to assess a;system.;A new publication, SP 800-53A ?Guide for;Assessing the Security Controls in Federal Information;Systems,? is available for download from the NIST;website at: At the moment this;document is in draft form. Those of you who are;working or are experienced in Federal IT Systems may;use this publication as an alternative to SP;800-26.;Basically you have a choice of using SP 800-26 or;53A.;Report;Write a report based on the self-assessment of an;organization. It should be 4-5 pages long, 12 point;character size, single line spacing, and 1?;margins (left, right, top, and bottom). It is recommended that;you do not use the actual name of the organization;in the report, use a title, such as ?ABC Inc.? Your;report should include a brief description of the;organization, nature of the business, analysis of the;results, and recommendations for improvement in;the form of an action plan.;You;should also prepare a PowerPoint presentation (10-;15;slides) explaining the results and recommendations;of your assessment to senior management of the organization.;Deliverables;1.;Word document containing report;2. PowerPoint;file containing presentation


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