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Saint COm510 module 6 exercises




Question;Chapter 10;Exercise 1;Create a spreadsheet that takes eight values into eight;different cells and then applies a transposition cipher to them. Next, create a;row that takes the results and applies a substitution cipher to them;(substitute 0 for 5, 1 for 6, 2 for 7, 3 for 8, 4 for 9, and vice versa).;Exercise;2;Search;the Internet for information about a technology called personal firewalls.;Examine the various alternatives and compare their functionality, cost;features, and type of protection.;Chapter 11;Exercise 1;Using the Internet, find at least five job postings for;security administrators. What qualifications do the listings have in common?;Exercise 5;Using the description given in the chapter, write a job;description for Iris?s new position, described in the following Case Exercises.;What qualifications and responsibilities should be associated with this;position?


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