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Question;Chapter 2;Exercise 1;Using a Web search;engine, find and article from a reputable source published within the past six;months that reports on the relative risk that comes from inside the;organization as opposed to risk that comes from external sources. if the article;notes that this relative risk is changing. how is it changing and to what does;the article attribute the change?;Exercise 2;Using;the Web search engine, find five examples of corporate vision statements;corporate mission statements and goals. Do these examples express concerns for;the security of corporate information?;Exercise 3;Search your;institution?s published documents, including its Web pages. Locate its mission;statement, vision statement, and strategic goals. Identify any references to;information security. Also look for any planning documents related to;information security.;Chapter 3;Exercise 2;Exercise 3;Using a Web search engine, visit one of the popular disaster;recovery/business continuity sites such as;,,, or Search for the;terms ?hot site,? ?warm site,? and ?cold site.? Do the descriptions provided;match those of the text? Why or why not?;Exercise 4;Using the format provided in the text, design an incident response plan;for your home computer. Include actions to be taken if each of the following;events occurs: Virus attack, Power failure, Fire, Burst water pipe, or ISP;failure. What other scenarios do you think are important to plan for?


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