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Saint COm510 module 3 exercises




Question;Q1;Search for the term security awareness on;the Internet. Describe the available materials and services.;Q2;Choose one of the Web sites;you found inExercise 1 that you think might work for a;security awareness program at your institution. Write a short essay about;how you might go about getting awareness material or service into place on your;campus.;Q3;Get the latest copy of your;local Sunday newspaper. Look through the;paper and circulars for advertisements for training and education in security-;and technology-related areas. What are the costs of the advertised security;specific training? Network certification? General computer training?;4;using the framework presented in this;chapter, a draft a sample issue-specific security policy for an organization.;at the beginning of your document, describe the organization for which you are;creating the policy and then complete the policy using the framework.;5) search for sample security policies on the;web. identify five EISP and five ISSP sample policies. compare these with the;framework presented in this chapter and comment on the policies;comprehensiveness.


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