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Question;Lab 3 project management Lab #3.;November 1.;A few weeks to go until you host your first;Thanksgiving dinner. You should have;your menu ready. Please update your;scope document or supply a separate document containing your complete menu. It should include everything from Appetizers;and Hors D?oeuvres, through dinner and desert, including all beverage options. Anything/Everything that you plan on serving;should be on the Menu.;The Great News is that your neighbor from;the Culinary Institute is so excited to help you with Thanksgiving dinner;especially since you insisted they stay to enjoy the holiday with you and your;family. After all, they?re from Europe;and don?t really know anyone here and have always wanted to experience Thanksgiving;as we ?Yanks? do it. How can you fail;now that you have someone who can really cook working on your team?;Your Work Breakdown structure should be;complete as well. You should have;updated them with the duration/work effort required to complete each task, organized;them into the order they will need to be completed and identified what;dependencies exist between the tasks.;It?s time to start thinking about converting your WBS into a project;schedule. Where did you put those notes;from class? At a minimum, you should be;able to at least identify who is going to be assigned which tasks in your;WBS. Maybe it?s time to have a meeting;with your neighbor and your significant other to divvy up the tasks and hash;out a schedule.;Now that you have your menu is planned you;should also have your Budget for this project completed. Please provide a very brief budget that should;be somewhat accurate (-10% to +20% range).;I?m sure everyone will love to see it.;Enough with the initiation and planning it?s;time to get this show on the road.;Mom called last night to wish you a Happy;Halloween and to see how your planning is going, and she?s pleased to hear that;you have everything under control. Mom;was talking with Auntie Em last night and they are so excited to be flying in;from England for the Holidays. They are;planning to get together Thanksgiving morning in Manhattan to see the parade in;person and then head up to your place for what they are sure will be a;wonderful dinner (talk about pressure).;Mom said that your oldest brother Jake went;to the doctor?s this week for a checkup.;The doctor told him he has developed an issue with glutens, and should;avoid them. Won?t you be a dear to make;sure you include some gluten free dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. Your brother Elwood?s wife has developed type;2 diabetes and please makes sure you have some diabetic friendly dishes as;well.;Both boys are hoping you aren?t going;overboard in your spending as you usually do.;They figure it shouldn?t cost them any more for this dinner at your;place than it would cost them to take their individual family out to a;restaurant for dinner with the tip included of course.;Deliverables for LAB 3;1.;Complete Menu;2.;Updated WBS with Personnel;assignment, duration/effort identified for each task, and organized into execution;sequence;3.;Moderately Detailed Budget;accurate to -10% to +20% Detail to include the following;a.;Appetizers;b.;Refreshments;i.;Soft Drinks;ii.;Adult Refreshments;c.;Dinner (should correspond to;your menu);i.;Main Course(s);ii.;Sides;d.;Dessert;e.;Decorating;f.;Miscellaneous.


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