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Mgmt Information Systems MIS Exam 3




Question;Question 1(6points);Identify THREE objectives of the IT Strategic Plan.;Question 2(2points);10.1hat is an organization's IT Application Portfolio? (Explain in detail);Question3 (2points);Describe the IT steering committee and its role in the organization.;Question 4(2points);?;Explain the concept of VALUE-ADDED (not VANs).;Save;Question5 (2 points);Explain why IT proposals and projects must be justified.;Question;6 (2 points);What are intangible benefits and why can they sometimes be problematic?;Save;Question 7(2points);Describe (in detail) benefit assessment in justifying an IT proposal.;Question 8(2points);Describe (in detail) cost assessment in justifying an IT proposal.;Save;Question 9 (4points);Describe (in detail) cost-benefit assessment and methods used in justifying an IT proposal.;Question 10(4 points);Identify and describe FOUR methods of acquiring an IT application.;Save;Question 11 (8points);List traditional systems analysis and design phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC).;Question 12(3points);WhichONE individual phase is the most important in SA&D using the SDLC & Why?;Save;Question 13(3points);Which ONE SA&D SDLC phase is the longest, most expensive, and least desirable?;Question 14 (4points);List FOUR alternatives to the systems development life;cycle (SDLC)for IT systems development.;Save;Question 15 (4points);List FOUR steps in vendor I software selection.


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