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saint com424 module 8 exam 2




Question;Directions;1. Read all seven short essay questions.;2. Choose only five to answer.;3. If you answer more than five essay answers, only the;first five will be graded.;Short-Essay Questions;1. What is the relationship between the scope of a project;the schedule of a project, and the cost of a project?;2. How does quality contribute to the success of a project?;When would it be acceptable to lower the quality in information technology;projects?;3. What are the processes of project human resource;management and what makes them important to the project?;4. Why is it important to create and follow a communications;management plan in a project?;5. Which skills do you think are more important for;information technology project managers to possess at various points in their;careers: strong technical skills or strong communications skills?;6. What are some common sources of risk for information;technology projects and how do you identify the risks?;7. Why is project procurement management important and how;does it affect project success?


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