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Question;Final ProjectEach student must complete the Final Project for this course. The Final Project must be submitted to the Final Project Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.The Final Project will consist of a Final Project Plan and a PowerPoint Presentation.see down for detailed directions on how to complete both the Final Project Plan and the PowerPoint Presentation for the Final ProjectDirections for Final ProjectEdit and compile all of the Running Case submissions into one summary report on your Microsoft Project Running Case that becomes the project plan.This project plan that includes the edited and finalized components of what you created in the separate parts of the Running Case. This plan is the final product you need before starting the project and you would be expected to submit this to company management for their approval before starting the project.Note that some parts of what you did will not necessarily appear in the final plan. For example, the material in Chapter 4 is an important task but it is not relevant for your project plan. Similarly, the original WBS you created in Chapter 5 is changed later and only the changed WBS should be a part of the final plan.When you submit your final project plan to management, you would accompany that with a PowerPoint presentation showing the major results of your work on the Project. This is a typical process for presenting any material to management. Remembering that a picture is worth a thousand words, use the PowerPoint presentation to hit the high points of your plan. You should expect questions and either cover them in the presentation or be prepared to answer them. Limit your presentation to no more than 10 slides with no more than 8 items per slide not including the first slide which should list the project title and your name.


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