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Question;Milestone 1?Week 1: Site Selection and Layout Design;Back to Top;A. Create a Project Proposal document stating the basic elements you;will include in your website. Include a cover sheet with your name;course, and week number. The body of your report must include;site title,developer,rationale or focus of the site,outline of main elements,content,target audience,design considerations, andlimiting factors.;See pages 46?47 of Principles of Web Design 5th Edition for further details.;B. Prepare a site storyboard using a diagramming application, such as Visio, including;layout of the site (identify all pages and their relationships),page filenames (use ISO standard naming conventions),links between pages (show the relationships using arrows), andnavigation structure (choose which type of navigation structure best suits your topic).;In the diagramming application, use the Save As option to create an;image file (jpg, gif, or png) of your site. Copy this image file into;your Project Proposal document.;Refer to pages 128?134 of Principles of Web Design 5th Edition for further details.;Upon completion, name your single, MS Word document as lastname_CIS363A_projectWk1.;Grading Rubric;Category;Points;%;Description;Proposal format;9;20;Cover page, headings, APA guidelines;Proposal content;9;20;All points addressed (Milestone 1A) with adequate content;Site storyboard;9;20;All pages identified (5?7);Site storyboard filenames;9;20;Appropriate filenames (ISO standard);Site storyboard links;9;20;Reasonable linkages and navigation;Total;45;100;A quality project will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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