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Question;Part A: Site Diagram;Step 1: Create a Site Diagram Using MS Visio;Back to Top;Log on to the Citrix server and start MS Visio.Create a new file. Select Software and Database for the template category.Select Conceptual Web Diagram for the template.;Step 2: Add Pages to the Site Map;Back to Top;Add the home web page object, and three more web page objects.Label the objects appropriately for your index page, education page, work experience page, and portfolio page.Use the Dynamic Connector to add appropriate links between the pages.;Step 3: Save File;Back to Top;Save the file to your local computer.NOTE: Your local drives are mapped with [drive letter]$ (client);in Citrix. For example, your computer?s main hard drive would beC$ (\\Client) (V:). Use this connection to put it in an appropriate folder on your computer, where you can easily find it.Be sure you remember where you save the file!;Part B: Web Pages;Step 1: Create Home Page;Back to Top;Create an index.html page.Add some general information about yourself.Add a picture. It could be a picture of you or something you;find interesting or related to your field of study. Be sure you;have permission to use the picture.Include at least three text formatting tags, such as heading level, bold (strong), italics (emphasis), and so forth.Hints: If you are using Dreamweaver, start by creating a site;first, and then add pages to the site (instead of starting by creating;individual.html pages outside of any site).See textbooks and for information on HTML and working with Dreamweaver.;Step 2: Create an Education Page;Back to Top;Create an education.html page.Add information about the schools you have attended, major, classes taken, expected graduation, and so forth.Consider adding pictures of your campus or school.;Step 3: Create a Knowledge or Skills Page;Back to Top;Create a skills.html page.Add information about the knowledge or skills you have. Add;areas of interest that you would like to pursue (such as mobile;development, cloud computing, etc.).;Step 4: Create a Portfolio Page;Back to Top;Create a portfolio.html page.Add a list of projects you have done in your classes. If you;do not have any projects yet, add some projects you would like to;work on. Later, you can create links files with your projects;but this is not necessary at this time.;Step 5: Create Links;Back to Top;Using your site diagram for reference, create appropriate links from your home page to the other pages.You may also want to create links directly from one page to;the next (e.g., from the education page to the skills page, etc.).;Part C: Submit Deliverables;Step 1: Copy Files From the Citrix Server (if Necessary);Back to Top;If you saved your files on the Citrix server, use Windows Explorer in Citrix to copy them to your local computer (do NOT use your local copy of Windows Explorer).Be sure to remember where you saved your files. Be sure to;copy your site map and all files used in your website, including;graphics.;Step 2: Zip Files;Back to Top;Zip all of the files from Part A and Part B into a single zip file.Make sure file has your name, class, and assignment number on it (e.g.,


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